Bullet Form

Friday, July 6, 2018
Your match starts at 30s
Stay alert with the friendlies
We may land in Pochinki
For you, I'd shoot an enemy 

Hey, let's go, I repeat
We're a 3-man squad, no defeat
For Zk and I will fire 30 rounds
Of love and care, we'll gather around

 You get to pick the best supplies
To protect us, the sniper dies
Out of ammo, a plus to revive
Melee and frying pan, all three alive

 We got your back every time
Drive the car and we will ride
With you, we're in a safe zone
With us, you are never solo

Restricting the play area in 1s
In this circle, Owen has won
A birthday cake for #1 winner
Tonight, we'll share a chicken dinner


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