GBC 1.0 Release Notes

Sunday, June 18, 2017
Along with the many effects of progesterone in my system including the maddening emotions and uncontrollably irking sobs, my thoughts are filled with multitude of universal force expressing how life-changing it is to marry somebody and carry a life within me beyond NASA’s exhilaration for Cassini’s Grand Finale or every trader’s valuing for the Elliott Wave Theory. I have been hoarding a good package of stories to share with you that I wish I had the time to sit down and tell this in person but my fingers love the seksi strokes of this keyboard that I may as well press the ones and zeroes here in a Google-owned intellectual asset with or without my consent my 10-year old blog.

2017 initiated a new loop of story for me to star in a complex refreshing role, featuring the fast-beating soul slowly and literally generating butterflies in my stomach, and an impulsive trader who practically makes it so effortless to become a husband to a progesterone-operated and new home buddy-wife a wife and mom-in-progress. My year---unlike most people would have, started with a plus one on my side and would definitely end with plus two. And I am extremely fortunate to go through this phase when I get to share all-day cable viewing of HBO Hits, Bloomberg, BBC Earth, NBA Premium and other non-local channels consciousness and time with Jowen and be truly in awe of the power of LIFE realizing its deepest meaning and purpose with our baby Owen on the way. For every heartbeat that we hear from this little soul equates to nothing from our previous experience---combined that we wish we possess a Doppler device at home just to verify our baby’s enthusiastic response to the waves each time this stabbing pain on my sides strikes. By the way, I had this pregnancy app---Baby Center, installed in my phone that I could actually read every bit from Week 1 to 40 if I am being anti-climactic to this whole series but I dared not to play the antagonist that effectively helps us track our baby’s development week by week, getting us well-informed and somewhat more responsible in all that we do throughout the entire 9-month 40-week journey. 

Much more to the excitement that we consistently feel for the October-due date is the fact that within and for the time I am going to spend with Jowen, our marriage presents an endless spectrum of knowing-each-other-better-or-worsefor gains and losses til margin closeout do us part that we look forward to the years of building the smallest unit in the society---home of traders Bustamante-Cuamag family. Unexpectedly, Jowen totally plays it kewl for the most part of our storyline especially when he unfortunately gets to live along with a progesterone-operated wife (intentionally, not strikethrough-ed this time). And in a timeline when he is further tasked to take over as the laundry boss, master of coins and bills, and all other complaint-worthy tasks household chores. Part of this well-planned commitment, we are domiciled some miles away from the Davao downtown area live in a house that we can ideally call our dream real home with all the responsibilities of independent living embedded in the process. For the past 5 months, we could confidently say that we have perfected our meals based on our taste buds and maintained good housekeeping based on our acceptable level of housekeeping criteria. In totality, we make it not so hard to stand on our feet and definitely, prepared to raise one maybe two with 4 or 5 year gap in between children soon.

But all these optimistic parts of our journey are not as true-to-life as it is without its beautiful adversary in the form of Trump-enunciated-huuuge fights and/or break-and-make-up moments, besides we are not some Westworld hosts designed to function in an immaculate manner. And a segment of the bad-story-arc compensates for the first-trimester effects including the fact that my pregnancy is not the “ideal” circumstance as most people would expect; heeding an advisory to take full bed rest---that kind of house arrest where you would literally draw the line between your room and the rest of the house just to stick to the OB’s rule; experienced the most uncomfortable nights, and; keeping count of the Rx paper for a few narcotic pregnancy drugs easing the effects of actually-not-uncommon pregnancy. Consequently, my first trimester tops the all-time-high for physical and emotional exhaustion---and it is with splendid victory to overcome such phase that I am presently gaining all those renewed energy back and garnering the happy pills that were taken from me during the 12-week period and I could finally go back to my walking streak of several strides-per-second speed. The whole experience had us revisiting our world domination strategy family plan , yet, made us realized how is it that we do not give the best titles to all Moms out there given the intricacies of pregnancy blessed we are to have our mothers carry us throughout. And with likewise gratitude to all fathers who make the “worse” part of for-better-or-worse vow seemingly not worse at all.

All these things form part of a bigger wedding picture that is hanging on our wall picture of being married to Jowen. For without him, I would either be notified with relentless margin calls in my forex account living in status quo, browsing through time-wasting stream of Facebook posts which we temporarily restrain ourselves from, to maintain stabilized mood and allocate more data on our trading activities or exhausting my mind with what-ifs for events with the slightest chance to even materialize in whatever realm I would be in.

Simply put, I have secured a lifetime purpose in this specific consciousness shared with Jowen. Great LOVE grows in us each day as we traverse the path to that moment when we could finally hold in our arms the LIFE we have been blessed of by God---our first baby Cuamag. And yes, we are beyond thrilled to figure out if we are having a boy or a girl. End of GBC 1.0 release notes

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