An Unfinished Narrative

Saturday, December 31, 2016
It has been a tradition to restore my temporarily decommissioned blog write a long post detailing my whole year in few words hitting the minimum 1000-word count because Glayra everyone loves to know what it has been like to work without purpose live in her 27th year meddling with universe’s decision-making on Earth. 

To cut the story short To begin with, I started the year with an entirely familiar but at the same time, new experience having finally been in a relationship since love lost me to the loathe sideI can’t remember when.  It has been a year of putting new meaning to love---beyond its purpose, recognizing that respect, responsibility and maturity are bonded to this word to make it a lot more complex work---is the right word, I presumeTo those who have noticed the difference in time I spend with people and when I say people, I mean PEOPLE---you must not utter a word unless I tell you to do so they must have felt how obviously occupied I have been and I do not even want to explain further. 2016 has given me a rare opportunity to reevaluate everything I have believed in and sing “love is an open door~~~” realize that there is unbelievably beautiful comfort in sharing yourself to someone.

I am pretty sure I do not have to recount everything that has happened between me and Jowen, but in that case, you might want to follow me on IG. But of course, 2016 was a year that challenged my patience to the nth level at the workplace but with the signed confidentiality agreement on effect I shall not..disclose any more information. And for the second year in a row, I am certainly looking forward to a 2017 with fresh career outlook and increased salary, perhaps?.

Finally, Meanwhile, 2016 is a year that I finally


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