Legacy System

Friday, November 11, 2016
Like in a software acquisition process, people tend to set standards for meeting the right one. We prepare our user requirements then match with specifications available in the market. But how do you make sure that at one meeting or two product demonstrations if what they are selling would deliver the results that correspond to your needs?

This may hold true when finding your partner. You set the expectations so high that when you meet that person who basically embodies all the requirements at one meeting or two long conversations, you eventually justify that you have finally found the right one.

But as you go along with the "implementation" process, you would realize patches, tweaks and necessary change management are all needed at once. When all "agreements" came to full effect, you would realize that the data you collected prior to product selection were not enough to complement with your present infrastructure, in this case, my mind... me... the person as who I am.

What was missing in the planning stage? Did I skip the part when self-evaluation is significantly necessitated? But four years were enough to settle that. "I love what I have become for I fought to become her" ---the quote that reflects every decision all these years.

How can one product erase all that? All the principles I obtained. All the courage I have learned to possess. What is so important with this product that I have to replace my infrastructure just to address the compatibility issues?

I can only attest that to change myself is to lose myself in the process. That infrastructure is hereby endorsed for decommissioning.

At the end, we upgrade ourselves for a product to functionally work with us. But I would surely miss my old infrastructure as I am now a "legacy system".


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