The Bertrand Zobrist Concept

Monday, September 28, 2015
I have finished yet another mindblowing, conspiracy-driven masterpiece of Dan Brown which as expected, has inspired me to write a long blog post addressed to zero audience allowed me to collect my thoughts and revisit the ideas brought about by Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist. However this time, a new element is added to Joseph’s framework---a concept I have not realized until I had come across Sienna Brooks read Inferno.

While I am proficient at hitting minimum word count entirely doctorate away from a TED talker discussing world’s greatest issues, I would have to admit that at some point in my life, I have asked same set of questions thrown out by the most intellectual individuals on Earth as to how humanity could survive with replicating walkers multiplying consumers depending on limited resources. Yes, we are looking at a common situation here---scarcity. Earth is endlessly catering gatecrashers evidently getting crowded, though in the place where I mostly spend my days and nights, the total man count is trifling. But to give you enough visuals, imagine making your way through the thick crowd in Manila or India metropolis. We are facing largely-dismissed issue of the world today---overpopulation. I would like to take it from the fictional character I wish was non-fictional at all Bertrand Zobrist, Mathematics presents an appalling fact---global population has been on the rise over the century. Statistics shows what people are afraid to recognize…or are we just deliberately ignoring the figures as if those will just downplay on its own?

The story progressed into giving the idea of another apocalypse-themed plot black death in 14th century that claimed at most 200 million lives, as luck would have it setting off the balance in population, which contributed significant effects on human history (most historians noted that the said plague gave way to Renaissance).  Even then, I have reservations that another plague would solve the problem, as people inherently like occupying space. Until I reached the climax of the story, pointing its readers to a probable solution, unexpectedly, Bertrand Zobrist Dan Brown may have just proposed a simple but unsettling answer to the complex question---sterility. In the novel, Zobrist, a genius genetic engineer, masterminded a virus that could modify the human DNA, making it impossible to reproduce, randomly activating the sequence on at least a third of the affected population.

While some of you if the zero audience turned out to be one or two Glayreaders would definitely consider such proposal demented or simply, evil---belying Genesis’s “go forth and multiply”, what I see is the lesser of two evils, that the other evil would be releasing another plague, killing innocent people in the process. Nobody is killing somebody in the lesser evil. It is controlling the numbers, enough to be accommodated by the limited resources.

Though, it is entirely based on fiction and such advancement in technology is not even close to today’s discoveries in genetics field, I am considering the fact that even so I would not be able to reproduce and replicate my awesomeness, if it is the key to humanity’s survival, I am all for it. I am all for preserving humanity. I am all for selfless legacy. I am all for making the most of the given chance to live life as I am allowed to…for there is nothing beyond the time spectrum, but will to continuously set the balance in nature. 

And so, that one element added to Zeitgest---fixing human evolution at root level.


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