Present views on commitment (and they haven’t changed or have they?)

Saturday, August 29, 2015
Before I elaborate on the list of arguments why commitment is still messing with my brain cells appropriate definition of commitment that it has been a recurring issue that deserves a comeback topic in this blog, let me share this link that was blogged 4 years ago by the same optimistically pessimistic author of

First off, I believed back then that I would eventually not NOT get married and that sharing myself with men someone is wasting my body and mind resources not even on my list. PRESENT: Though having a baby is not synonymous to getting married, somehow, I find myself today wishing I could pass down my awesomeness genes to a mini-glayra for it is the only and most beautiful thing that I would share and leave to the world as I vanish into an endless void someday.

Secondly, I was blabbing about how my parents were so excited to pressure see me seeing somebody, I guess this time, by substance, they still consider it but not as the same level of aggressiveness as before for they are more excited of the challenge I just created last June me making my life a lot more complicated than what I just had completed for the past grueling, four years. PRESENT: I am impatiently patiently waiting for that moment and I still consider the fact that to be with someone would negate my parents’ perspective of me as most overly intimidating woman on earth make my parents happy.

So has commitment really lost its one fanatic back then? Hell, Well, yes! Is it trying to mess with me again win me back now? I would say, its lowest point was halfway to today---NO. But at some point this year, I would say, YES. But my views on commitment have changed in a way that I have deeply deliberated on the fact that commitment requires different factors to play and complement with each other really well.

PRESENT: Commitment is founded on constant decision to keep the relationship going regardless of pace and pitch.

Regardless of PACE---people often associate commitment as hitting the daily target of cheating commitment-acceptable-rate. Actually, it is not everyday that you deliver the same level of affection and respect to your partner, its measurability does not confirm your actions as less or more committed, there is only one and absolute value where all levels are the same---committed, with that being said, a cheater person in a relationship is not obliged to maintain the same expressions of love everyday---for love fluctuates but is still love after all.

Regardless of PITCH---ever wonder why change is such a never-ending interference to my world constant in this world because flat is boring. Perfect is boring. Straight line is boring. Commitment is a continuous battle with motion, with ups and downs. To be cheated on committed is to experience the highest highs and lowest lows but then again, commitment settles halfway. It regains equilibrium. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction as love scientist Newton would point out. Commitment is never measured on doing of what is "constant" and "always". Commitment is restoring flat lines in disturbances, and in abrupt periods to prevent complacency and free passes to the cheating highway.

For the same pessimistically optimistic author of, commitment is a decision. And a committed person does not forget. And love does not only involve heart and the rest of body, the most important organ in love is the controlling brain, really.

FUTURE: Commitment will win me back. It must.


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