Sunday, August 2, 2015
Part 1: Her Story in Numeration: Prologue

In the beginning, a history was written
She is the first additive system like the Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Time went by and years go steadily,
She is as deviant as Chinese numerals written vertically.

The personality you would not easily find,
She sets a bar that multiplies a character by a thousand.

She is a mind concealed in the face of commonality
Ciphered by Greek letters and symbols with the goal of conspiracy.

Part 2: Her Attributes One Must Understand

As literal as the real number
Or as a rational number, she thinks in a logical manner

Whenever asked directly or through a lure,
She responds with a clear thought expressed in closure.

Her commutative and associative properties
Put her in a position where she encompasses all identities.

She can be plain or surprising,
She can be an inverse to set off balance in everything.

Part 3: Making Her Way through a Line System

In a world of positivity and negativity
She lives in the same system where integers are drawn with creativity.

Always in the middle and with balance
She acts and thinks where zero reflects everything in a line system.

An absolute value—that she is
All signs in the world would not matter to her mind that creates it.

Learn how to treat these unlike signs
She is that one person you can count on different and hard times.

Part 4: Factors of Her Prime and Composite Goals

Simulating her thoughts could be hard
Divisibility tests and all, one could not live up to her standard

She is made up of the finest goal
When numbers divisible by 9 can’t even predict her at all

As detailed as the Sieve of Eratosthenes
People liken her to the twin primes, rare & wrapped in finesse

Her ideals are of greatest common factor
Where hopes and dreams are not the least common multiple

Part 5: When Part of Her Becomes the Sum of Whole

She chooses to be alone
Exceeding the denominator, she is an improper fraction.

With the numerator in her character
One can always expect for a person with mixed number

A number drawn above a line
She draws expectations and leaves disappointments behind

Hoping for the perfect time to roll
Parts of her would be more than the sum of the whole.

Part 6: Notation of How Special She is Based on Exponents

She is the person who has set of friends
At both ends of spectrum, her colleagues qualify to the extremes

She puts herself on the end of the separatrix
A special notation, friends would identify her a very complex kind of mix

She values friendship more than anything else
Even the leading zeroes become significant figures as she pleases

It may take years to define her formula
Placing decimal points in thousandths, she calls the version as Beta

Part 7: Percentage of What She Achieved

Associated with mystery—that she is
Her accomplishments are anybody’s opportunities that were missed

What she sees in herself is the very base
Hundred percent, more than any rate, could be the minimum case

People often discount her capabilities
All these mark downs and ups could never be at par with her priorities

She finds boredom in compound interest
It is the simplest things that would awaken her deepest consciousness

Part 8: Quest of Love Proportion: Finding Her Equal Ratio

For years, she is content
But the majority expects her to be with someone on intent

She can go for extremes
But she chooses to be the girl of different means

She loves herself so much
What she becomes is inversely proportional to a guy’s touch

She is in reality, looking for a man
Of her equal ratio—a man who is directly proportional to her plan

Part 9: Converting Beliefs and Thoughts: Her Quest Continues

Love is everything for a person
It extends a kilometer or 0.6215 mile and beyond the horizon

And she is a believer of endlessness
For a day without love equates to 86,400 seconds of pure emptiness

In a world of different conversion factors
She must be willing to give up possessions and open the doors

Love, beliefs, thoughts and everything
One does not need to express them in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin

Part 10: Relationship of Points: Her Lines and Circles in Great Planes

Daughter, sister, friend, colleague, Glayra—that she is
Her lines, congruence and influence extend to every soul she touches

Thoughts, accomplishments, goals and beliefs
They all go full circle for which she continually seeks to achieve

What she is and will become
Intersects with what the great universe has planned

A tangent is drawn that extends her horizon
A great plane of opportunities waiting to be known


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