Thursday, January 1, 2015
After going on a very long hiatus that it almost felt forever, I am back to the blogosphere with zero PR resulting from a blog set on private mode with one granted access renewed domain on its fourth year sponsored by Google at zero cost. My absence is solely attributed to the fact that I had absolutely-long-list-of-reasons-to-procrastinate my hands full for the past two years with one obligatory entry posted each year. But I am back for redemption baby!

And what could be more appropriate post to share than a blog entry recounting what was it like for Glayra version 2014? So here’s my Facebook year-in-review general-to-detailed-to-general year in review (forgive me for the strikethroughs, I don’t use blank space backspace).

My 2014 like anyone else's, has been a rollercoaster ride but it wasn’t a jarring one with riveting rise and plummeting fall at certain interval. The "ride" was the most memorable in four years having to climb the highest point of gratification, only to experience the hardest fall later—at an exact, not entirely random moment of the year, a painful loss in December 25. My Lola has passed away at the age of 85. But her passing on Christmas day has taught me a new meaning to celebrating its essence – treasuring the memories of our loved ones and to remind us how limited our time on earth and so, we live to make each moment count.

The realization has allowed me to go over what I have accomplished in the past year (which I've already ranked as the best with 2011 as worst, 2012 as good, 2013 as better, 2014 as guess what). To be honest, I had been mostly spontaneous last year having achieved more milestones than the previous well-planned-out years executed in Q1 at best, forgotten in Q2 at worst.

In 2014, I had been promoted to a new role at work and faced with an overwhelming set of new responsibilities with the “intent” to make me a better IT auditor, adopted my first puppy love Kei, visited three or four new places (Bacolod, Siquijor and Dumaguete and Sarangani) with travel buddy - Mich, finished a 49-day insanely-Insanity workout lost 6 kilograms, completed 100-happy day challenge including one sad day, learned to drive which had quite given my father and sister mini-heart attacks, married Jared Leto, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jared Leto and every hot damn celebrity I love acquired new objects of obsession—actors, artists, series, music and few unnecessary activities. The year was also a time to spend more quality time with my sister now that she had to deal with a long-distance relationship with my future brother-in-law and cou-sis who grew up so fast she’s already in first year college, collecting 200 likes for each profile picture change. It was further a year to strengthen my support system note an important escalation in platonic and tectonic level of threesome friendship with Mika and Ninin only to experience a Fault-In-Our-Stars ER pain level assessment of 10 in wake me up when September ends with Ate Ninz decisively setting off to new and more challenging career direction which gave me enough motivation to write a 2014-dated post. But the year wasn’t just all about adjusting to a new job position or learning how to cut the nails of a dog, it was a year to highlight real hugs, auto-pilot moves few intentional mistakes, happiest birthdays, sad-but-hopeful farewells to colleagues, full-of-love-and-faith wedding of a close friend, quarterly and best de-stressor meet-ups with Pahongs consistently attended by almost same attendees, work-in-progress academic undertaking and rekindled friendships, not to mention the awkward consequence of downsizing my FB network from 1,500 friends to 250.

So this year, I plan to be as spontaneous as I was in 2014 complementing it with a few set goals ensuring that at the end of this year, I would be able to thank myself for breaking the bad habits doing the things I have always wanted to do. And this blog post is just one of them…364 more to go! 

Here’s hoping for a splendid 2015! :]


  • marco

    Happy new year glay! I didn't know that you deleted some "friends" in FB.. Me? I am not doing it! The more the merrier! haahhaha kiddin! BAZINGA!

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