Amazing Race Season 20

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rachel & Dave winning hug as Phil
officially congratulates their team
as AR Season 20 winner
Consistency is the name of the game as Rachel & Dave won the title in the Amazing Race Season 20. Besides taking home $1,000,000, Rachel & Dave broke the record for winning most legs in one season in the entire competition! 

I must say season 20 was not the best but the challenges were more complicated and interesting than ever. My sister and I who have been watching this show for the past years, did not for the first time, root for anyone though Bopper & Mark were close to our hearts. Maybe because the participants have put much drama into the show especially when you got to see two Big Brother contestants racing throughout. Former American BB housemates, Brendon & Rachel were totally not our favorites, not a single episode did she not cry and annoy other racing teams. Plus, it got messier when Vanessa & Ralph also flaunted their queen-of-drama-AR-style to BB housemates. Having these two teams blabbing and exchanging nasty dialogues made us wonder, was the whole show scripted?
The Amazing Race 20 teams (Click on the picture for large view)
But then, Art & JJ reminded us how we should not doubt the show's integrity as these two Border Patrol Agents who were the most confident and bragging team I have ever seen in the show, would certainly let you affirm, you don't see real people in a fake show. They were strong but not strong enough to beat Rachel & Dave. Ultimate disappoint-ers were the Federal Agents, Nary & Jamie who we thought could win the title, they could have been a lot smarter and tougher (or maybe I was expecting they could do some "Olivia Dunham" moves on the show). And well, how could I forget the hottest twins alive, Elliot & Andrew (though, they had to go home sooner than they thought because I won't allow any more exposure :)) All other teams bore no significant details enough to share in this post and I am really looking forward to see more amazing teams next season. PLEASE AR, DO NOT BE SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

Rachel takes on skydiving task at the height of 10,000 feet
Brendon rappels down
from Makai Tower's peak
In summary, I noticed there were more FastForward chances this season which allow teams to skip tasks and directly check into pit stops, but the last FF chance was something I would really not risk as it involved shaving one's head (girl, would you dare?). Two of the best challenges I would love to do under any circumstances were the Skydiving task (I mean, man, 10,000 feet above sea level, that's a total adrenaline thing) and the Makai Tower's task which required both members to rappel down while walking forward to the ground at the height of 400 feet (I could not imagine myself completing the task without dying half-way down)! As usual, their trips to Italy, Austria, Tanzania and Japan were breathtaking and well, Rachel & Dave has finally put an end to the AR curse of winning-Ford-cars-means-not-making-it-to-the-final-race voodoo. The weakest married couple strongest team, Rachel & Dave have won the following prizes for winning the eight legs:

1st Leg - Express Pass (an "express" excuse for not taking one task in a race)
2nd Leg - Trip for two to Grenada
6th Leg - 2013 Ford Taurus SHO for each
7th Leg - Trip for two to Costa Rica
9th Leg - Trip for two to Saint Lucia
10th Leg - US$10,000 each
11th Leg - Trip for two to New Zealand
Final Leg - US$1 million

Again, it was an amazing race after all. We'll miss you Phil! <3

The Amazing Race Season 21 premieres on September 30, 2012.

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