Damon in Davao (and Cebu), actually, MANILA

Monday, April 2, 2012
This is universe's way of reminding me that I still have a blog to take care of. Anyway, yes I am back to blogging because I have this HUGE news to share with my Glayreaders about this insanely, DAMONly April Fool's Day best prank overwhelming news. Ian Somerhalder a.k.a. DAMON SALVATORE of The Vampire Diaries is coming to Abreeza, Davao City (and Ayala Center, Cebu City). I know right, this is just too good to be true but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

From left: Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert), Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore)
Update as of April 2, 2012: According to the Abreeza Mall's Concierge, the date is subject to change, and the mechanics for getting an exclusive ticket to be at the activity center has not yet been released so let us just wait and see. I will certainly post updates next week. :)

Update as of April 4, 2012: Very alarming news! They removed the tarps!!! The concierge explained though that they had to remove those smirking banners Ian Somerhalder tarps because there is still no definite date for his visit, which made me ask, why did they put those banners in the first place, which could possibly break thousands tens of thousand Damon hearts. Sad,sad,sad. Well, don't lose hope my Glayreaders... ;)

Update as of April 9, 2012: Literally replacing the IAN SOMERHALDER letters hasn't a bit erased my little hope of seeing this vampire godly man in flesh. So, just an update, still no fixed date but good news for Cebuanos! Damon is expected to visit there before he'd finally get to see and touch me in person go to Davao! Well, this new info (again released by Concierge) could deliberately induce more hope as he is expected to smirk at his Cebu fans first in Ayala Center Cebu before us here in Davao. IKR April fool's day had long passed! Please AYALA!!!

Update as of April 28, 2012: POSTPONED! To when? Abreeza could not give an exact date. And my Damon cells just died. :[

Update as of May 17, 2012: Ian is coming to Manila officially!!! But not because of AYALA! not AYALA! grrrr...

I am not totally elated on this one... :(

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  • Jenny

    I think it has been moved last april 22 and no Ian somerhalder was seen. Yung bang, the event pushed through (Davao) pero walang dumating na Damon. SAD :(

  • Glayra Bustamante

    Hello Glayreaders,

    True, there was no Ian event last April 22. The concierge admitted that they actually haven't booked Ian yet for any Ayala mall promotions.. I will post updates regarding this soon.

  • John

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  • Raphnexx

    ahahaha what a great fan of vampire diaries....keep it up glayza.by the way you look awesome and tall in person.:D

  • Glayra Bustamante

    Hi Raphnexx! Am I? Dili man siguro to ako.. :]

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