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Friday, December 30, 2011
This year has been an entirely different experience for me. I made hard decisions, went through exciting adventures, met new friends, ended a few relationships ultimately yet, few days before 2011 ends, a surprising twist concluded a very good year.

Indeed again, I could really never be the female version of Noah Bennet as only few plans I have set earlier this year were realized. A few of those however, did not end up the way I had expected, but well, those have helped me to become the person I am today - ready to face any challenges that may come along the way plus, I am now that determined person who's more aware of the greater purpose behind the need to commit mistakes because this year in truth, has been the best year of risks and big "slips".

Not that I regret the things I have done because I believe exactly in the holy chain of reactions as we set things in motion to get what we would have always wanted (besides, if my decisions have not turned out the way it should have, I knew somehow, it played out very well in another timeline - and that's what I call optimism on the go). 

So, what we are about to read in the next book 2012 is something I am looking forward to. Not the Alpha and Omega thing but in some way, I know that the future will present a new set of challenges, beautiful chances, divine synchronicities and significant events, all things I would certainly be grateful at the end of next year (though, I have this unparalleled feeling that Mayans were greatly disappointed with the 2012 movie  which would highly result to the possibility that I could still watch Avatar 2 by 2014). 

Deep inside I hope that 2012 indeed will be the end of the world as we know it. Well, figuratively. :)

Happy New Year Glayreaders!


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