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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Y
Losing my cellphone was one of the worst things I've ever experienced this year along with losing my two jobs intentionally on both instances. Though it was not really an expensive one but I've got all my contacts and data save in it for the past three years and it was by far, my most fave cp, my 6303 classic. (Oh by the way, I got my classic back from my parents in exchange for my X2..)

But well today is the day-sary of my Samsung Galaxy Y(oung) or technically named, Samsung S5360, my first Android phone and the most inexpensive smartphone with hundred thousand apps offered in the Android market, priced at PhP 5,790.00 - just the perfect phone for unemployed-recently-employed-at-the-same-time-student like me. Oh yeah!

My yesterday has already been so good with this advance Xmas gift from my parents, but the day was even greater as it turned out, because late afternoon of 112911, I received a great news - a sneak peek of my dream job that will be featured on my Facebook profile in the next few days which I should not be blogging about now because I must focus on my new cellphone in this blog post (which I have not updated for a long time, not even posted my muzikas for two straight weeks - a real bad sign of giving up the most precious thing I have online)! :]

It is my greatest responsibility to detail the details of my droid phone but I say, Google will do that job for you. And so before anything else, I'd like to share my secret technique in finding the right and practical phone for me (though practicality does not mean I'm comfortable with touch screens) - one week was only the amount of time I spent for evaluating the next cp I would have, my sister who already has her own droid phone, a Galaxy Mini gift from my parents too, was the cp I had compared with any of the available droid phone in the market, that includes some from LG and Sony Ericsson, all priced on the same range I am comfortable bargaining on or range that reserves my parents' viability to donate the said phone-priced-at-worthiness-of-losing-my-cellphone.

Well, for some reasons, galaxYoung caught my attention. Firstly, a slight difference in the pixel per index or pixel density between galaxYoung and Mini is what I would have preferred in any droid phone available at the most affordable price in the market. That is 133ppi vs. 127ppi.. Well, the difference between them is the clarity of resolution of the fonts and graphics in its GUI and for those who might not get this well, let us say yellow in galaxYoung is 6 points truer, deeper and more vibrant than yellow in Mini (listening to Coldplay now ;)).

Next, size! Of course, size matters (in all aspects :)), galaxYoung has lesser dimensions to that of Mini's (notice that I am comparing Mini and galaxYoung a lot because of the slight differences in prices and features they have. Though, galaxYoung likely represents my word here - practicality). BTW, GalaxYoung weighs 97.5g, just 7.5 lighter than Mini.

And the most obvious reason I prefer galaxYoung over Mini is the great difference in their CPUs or processors. Mini is running on 600MHz ARMv6 processor while galaxYoung is running on an explicable speed of 830MHz with same ARMv6 processor (I heard Galaxy Ace has 800MHz ARMv11 processor so, I guess it's like Mini is Dual Core, galaxYoung is Core 2 Duo and Ace is Quad Core - correct me if I've got wrong analogies here). But figures certainly matter too or at least, to me - I am currently testing both Mini and galaxYoung and so far, I see a real difference in speed between them or am I just being biased?

For thorough comparison of these two Galaxy handsets, click here.

I must honestly note though that Mini has better cam output (that is if it's already good enough because I think my X2 and classic had better cam shots), and Mini has better audio specs than galaxYoung plus, it has better RAM. I've gotta tell this however, you would not want to recharge your Galaxy every night with Mini's 570h standby longevity vs. galaxYoung's 850h.

To sum it up, choosing a Galaxy handset is to highlight your preferences, and with that, I've created some helpful tags to give you some ideas about each galaxical product.

Young - practical productivity at acceleration
Mini - entertainment at andrena-droid level

Gio - stay connected in style and speed
Fit - personalization for stylish persona
Ace - sophistication at work

Happy Galaxical Christmas Glayreaders! <3


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