Fast forward

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I am really wondering how many chapters my life book should have.

I have been so indecisive lately that I cut off one chapter, proceed to the next one and I certainly left some pages undone.

I have been clicking on fast forward for quite a while without even noticing it.

Maybe because I am handling so many things right now, the MBA, Facebook, and work. Two things but, are composed of sub-things.

Again, these preoccupying matters have compelled me to do another major action I know I won't regret because there were little synchronicities along the way (which are my beloved indications for right decisions made), so I just now leave to the universe to generate some positive upshots from my decision.

I am really hoping to God that this time around I will be able to put a well-thought plot, a nice chapter to read on for my Glayreaders.


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