Just Like in Teleserye

Friday, September 23, 2011
I just had my first ever real score in a much teleserye-like situation.
The super duper intimidating "authority" was intrigued by my fresh presence so, he called my attention to have  one-on-one conversation with him.
We talked. He asked, "do you really call yourself an IT? I am accountant, I can troubleshoot hardware and software, I also analyze systems."
And I half-smiled. I could not really express what I really thought at that time.
He assigned a task that he asked me to present to the board of directors exactly 43 minutes before the meeting.
He sarcastically confirmed if I can do it. He was even constantly reminding me to be there at 4:00 PM.
I plainly answered, YES I CAN.
OMHG. I dunno exactly what to do.
To make the story short, sitting next to a "cute" guy (who probably is the lead actor by chance), I presented the network framework proposal.
And all of them were satisfied.
But I still think I could have done better.
Well, "bida" always gets not really successful play at first time.
But probably on the next plot, I will really do better than that!


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