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Sunday, September 11, 2011
With True Blood's one episode left to watch and another season of The Vampire Diaries coming up, all I can say is I am a cheater! How can I love both series! How can I have the same feelings for Eric and Damon! I am a complete cheater! :]

Enough for exaggerated drama! Alright, I admit it I might have let some of my Facebook friends entirely left out with my consistent posts about watching True Blood now then watching The Vampire Diaries the next day but to tell you, these series have glamoured/compelled me and I do not have any idea how to stay away from their spell! :]

Yes I know, I need to ensure that I am not letting all of you walk away from my blog without at least being informed of the slight details of these vampire stories so, ergo!

Chapter 1: The Title Tells a Lot

True Blood
Vampires drink Tru Blood, a beverage substitute for human blood (so I guess that would sure explain enough the coexistence of humans and vampires on this series)

The Vampire Diaries
The lead actor, Stefan (vampire) and lead actress, Elena (human) write diaries (making them a complete match, I must say, from the title itself, I kinda thought that there was already enough teenage-type love story vibe foretold)

Chapter 2: Vampire-Human Love!

Sookie does not need to be glamoured by Bill to make her fall in love with him because if so, I have been glamoured all this time! :] Anyway, what I like about their love storyline is it progresses through interesting break-and-mend situations and that they're mature enough to understand that to love is to hurt and to be loved is to be hurt — seriously hurt that it involves a lot of blood! :)).

How sweet it is to see how sweet this couple is! Alright, the adult me is having a real hard time to resist my teenage feelings (I am just 3 years older than the teenage me right!) So Stefan and Elena, I have all the words to appreciate their not-really-uncommon love story because I always see this type of romance around but anyway, it is a vampire and human love so there it is — the distinction.

Chapter 3: The Love-Love of My Life OMHG, Hottie Vampires!

Eric Northman
Eric Northman
Oh I just forgot my name! :] How in the world I let myself to love this egocentric vampire! Alright, for the first few seasons, you would really hate him but sooner or later, you would surely in turn hate yourself for praising his awesome, godly body awww, his unexpected desire for Sookie. He'd do everything for her even it would cost Bill's life him to meet the fate of ONE TRUE DEATH (sort of death penalty for vampires).  :]
CHEMISTRY with Sookie: Feverishly HIGH

Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore
Turn me pls! So insanely, madly wait... not yet my Glayreaders...not yet... :] Alright.. He's exactly the type of vampire you wish to be with in a tiny, close-spaced room that all you could hear is his rushing breath to taste your blood! :] Though he's really rude, you would really love how he is willing to become the bad-a** hero, who would take 3 or more lives to save his Elena. Ohhh... (grasp)
CHEMISTRY with Elena: Insanely, Madly, Vampire-ly HIGH

Chapter 4: The Bitches Sweet, Tasty Ladies

Her blood got vampires super insane because she is a half fae (fairy in simpler word), but she's mainly a human. Her blood would let them walk in sunlight so it's not really that hard imagining her chased by sunshine-deprived vampires. She also possesses supernatural ability that she can hear thoughts.
My Liking Meter: I like her enough coz she effortlessly plays the perfect girl for Bill and Eric. *envy

A typical sweet and smart girl. She has a doppelganger, Katherine (Katerina), that's why she's also being chased by a lot of vampires and werewolves because she's the key to breaking the long, long curse of the moonstone that "keep vampires from walking in the sun and make werewolves slave to the moon" (which is actually, a hoax, a curse only casted on Klaus). So Elena is "every boy wants, every girl wants to be" type of girl, got it? ;)
My Liking Meter: She's doing her job just fine, making every girl feels unlucky. She surely won the jackpot having Stefan and Damon on her side! *bitterness all over my body

Chapter 5: In Cold Blood

Interestingly, both series have their clear-cut attributes of a vampire. Let's take a look at them!

True Blood Vamps
  • Glamour - vampire's hypnosis-like ability that he can easily put you under his hex that you would do anything as he says.
  • They cannot walk in daylight because vampires do not walk in daylight or else they die. Unless they drink Sookie's blood because she actually is a fae and her blood is liquor to a vampire and that it could actually let them walk in broad sunlight!
  • They sleep during day in their coffins.
  • They have fangs (naturally, unlike Twilight ;)), but they are still super duper hot in fangs.
  • They have kings and queens, and they have these governing bodies that keep the vampire community still in tact with rules and policies being imposed, any vampire who neglects to follow the vampire law meets ONE TRUE DEATH (wooden objects through his heart, beheading or burned to death by a fire).
  • They feed on humans and drink Tru Blood that comes in different flavors - type A, AB, B, O.. :]
  • The older a vampire is, the stronger he becomes.
  • They heal. But silver hurts them. Btw, vampire's blood heals wounded human. Also, vampire blood is like an addictive drug to humans and they are sold in the black market.
  • To turn a human into a vampire, a vampire drains the person, let him drink his vampire blood, they both lay buried underground for several nights and tada! the vampire who turned him would be his maker who he shall respect and protect as long as the new vampire can. It even surpasses that kind of bond that links a son to his parent. He is his maker and he would do anything for that maker even it would cost his already “dead” life.
  • By the way, in order for a vampire to get into a house, he should be invited in, but the home owner can withdraw any invitation from a vampire thus, preventing the vampire to enter the house anymore.
The Vampire Diaries Vamps
  • Compulsion - same as glamour, but you use other term for that, you are “compelled" to do as he says which is really compelling!
  • A vampire can get into a house if he's invited in (no withdrawal of invitations).
  • They can walk in daylight because they wear rings bound with a witch's spell that protects them from deadly sunrays.
  • They sleep, eat, drink like they're real humans (they even have dreams).
  • They do have fangs, but Stefan a vampire gets so ugly when he shows them, veins come out under his eyes, and their eyes become bloodier.
  • They don't have governing bodies because they keep themselves in low profile, in other words, they should not exist and remain folklore entities. But they have "Originals", the most powerful vampires on earth, they are the oldest vampires, Klaus is one of them (at the end of Season 2, he transforms into a full hybrid of werewolf and vampire making him the most powerful creature on earth and our ultimate villain!)
  • They feed on humans, but blood from blood banks and animals can be enough substitutes.
  • The older the vampire is and the healthier diet he consumes (drinking human blood), the stronger he gets.
  • They heal. Vervain (an unusual herb) instead of silver, hurts them. Vampire's blood can heal human wounds too.
  • To turn a human into a vampire, he needs to drink enough amount of vampire blood and he certainly has to die with the blood still on his system so he resurrects becoming one —that simple. So if you do not want to become one, stay away from death until the vampire blood wears off from your body, got it? :]
  • A vampire can shut off his human side if he wishes to stay away from his emotions because when a person becomes a vampire, everything is amplified, every color in surrounding becomes vivid, emotions intensified, sadness becomes grief, anger becomes rage, love becomes much love! So a vampire is given an option to shut it off and be what he becomes — a pure vampire with humanity side turned off.
  • Any vampire can be killed by a stake through his heart with a wood, decapitation, or burned to death by a fire. Originals can only be killed with a special dagger dipped in white ashes from an oak tree burned during the Originals' time. Oh by the way, werewolf's bite is deadly poison to vampire too but as long as he has Klaus' blood on his system after the bite, it's not really fatal ;).

 Chapter 6: Vampire Stories without Werewolves Are Boring

Tyler (The Vampire Diaries)
Alcide (True Blood)
Indeed, we've got hot Alcide on True Blood (Sam Merlotte is a shapeshifter so let's not really count him as werewolf), on the opposite corner, The Vampire Diaries has Tyler as "bark" up! I love these sweet hottie men because they're great pets wolves who fight back enemies and they've kinda become allies to our dear vampires.

Chapter 7: And Vampire Stories without Witches are worse than Worst Spells Ever

I know Wiccans of True Blood have caused us rage but alright, I was so overwhelmed by the fact they can put vampire under their hexes too and that was beyond imaginable. But witches on The Vampire Diaries are great role players in their entire vamp history (total amazeballs especially if you have got some great best friend, Bonnie, on your side). You know, from protection-from-UV-rays rings to moonstone curse that keep Klaus from turning into a hybrid and all, these witches have been really doing their jobs seriously! Oh Emily! :]

Chapter 8: So which is better than which?

Eric, Sookie, Bill
Theatricality-wise, I say True Blood has certainly spent serious bucks to make it a real vampire show! Great actors I must say, superb performances, astounding production and amazing effects. Well, just imagine a cast with multi-awarded actors especially when you get an Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) who was just recently conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in Arts, it's not really that hard right to predict the enormous success this show is receiving now that they're on their fourth season and they have still obviously failed to disappoint their fans! Coz certainly, they have succeeded to glamour ourselves! :D

Damon, Elena, Stefan

But The Vampire Diaries is incomparable! I admit it, I am completely into its storyline that it is way too impossible to get out from it. The people behind this great vamp story has succeeded to distract me for quite a while from my intensive True Blood addiction that I was compelled to find a way to finish two seasons before the third one premieres on September 15! Performance-wise, Stefan and Elena are young actors and they're good at it. I have seen Ian Somerhalder (Damon) acted before in Lost as Boone and I should say, he has really become much better actor on this series (but I am more impressed by his smirks ;)).

Chapter 9: I Say You Watch Both

Indeed, you get to stay on adult track as soon as you watch True Blood and you would certainly learn a lot more things that separate lust from love, or get a crazy mix of two. Otherwise, if you completely miss how to "smirk" on sweet killer lines and feel that familiar love bug excitement, The Vampire Diaries is quite the sure deal. As Katerina Petrova would say, "it's okay to love them both." (Yes, I know she meant of Stefan and Damon to Elena but for me, I love Damon and Eric alright and it’s me Glayra, it’s our love triangle we’re talking about!) Cheater I am!

Chapter 10: How About Comparing Them to Twilight Saga?

Hmm… That’s all for now. I am already taking this long. ;) 



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