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Monday, September 5, 2011
I so hate when my orders are served late or beyond the tolerable degree of my patience boiling point. I am not really a bad customer type who shows off "customer is always right" attitude but ever since I studied MBA, I have realized how a business should always see customer's needs and satisfaction as significant factors to serve the main purpose they're doing business in the first place - making profits.

I know that most of you share the same sentiments when it comes to such situation that you wait longer than expected for your meals to be served and though, many times I did understand or contemplate the possible reasons why these events occur however, I think that these business owners or managers should recognize the impact of dissatisfactory customer service they are creating out of delays.

I would not prefer to name these establishments because this post is addressed to every business establishments out there. But for the authenticity of what I have been encountering recently from a famous pizza food chain and chinese-named restaurant, they really dissatisfied me that if I am going to rate their customer service right now, I would certainly not have uncertainties to give them low marks.

My post on Facebook about the pizza chain's service was able to gather similar friends' reactions, that is of course - they all agreed of dissatisfaction towards their service and I must say, we all love their pizzas but how can we love them more if they're giving us reasons to hate them instead. Indeed, the most obvious indication that usually hints me not to drop by and eat at their place is when I see serving numbers on the tables instead of food served on the tables. That's my cue then to look for other places to eat. They should be glad though that even if I hate that they had to serve late still, I eat at this food chain every week! Pity me. I really hate myself for loving their pizzas!

Yesterday, I had to eat 1 hour late on my lunch because this chinese-named restaurant forgot our orders! I say WTH! It's a first time one but I was in no good mood to tolerate such case. Out of their shame perhaps, they have not served our plates properly that we had to arrange our plates by ourselves (double dissatisfaction rate for that man!), glad I am going through The Vampire Diaries addiction that my sister and I eventually recovered from the patronage-killing feeling because we got excited sharing TVD stories... Btw, they did not ask for apologies (triple dissatisfaction rate on that!)

So going back to the pizza chain, I am glad that my post reached one of the branches' manager's knowledge that he certainly "indirectly" asked for patience and apologies for their shortcomings and they will take actions  but I guess, they should not just say those but implement what he is saying. Next time I will visit at any of their pizza chain branches, I hope to God that they have improvements.

I am saying all of these because I work in a customer-oriented company too where we really have to work hard to meet the needs and satifaction of our guests and clients. I deeply understand customers' demands because I too, have demands as a customer of other businesses. Besides, we all aim to generate good returns, and it can certainly be achieved when we take care of our customers.


  • rejserenity

    if customer service is really a big deal on ur part.. i recommend u to dine in shakeys.. :) great indeed.! :)

    for me, its already on the establishment's side to see and find things how their businesses work.. businesses are managed by staffs who got educated first on how to handle things.. if they really want to reach out on their customers they would really do.. they wont wait to be criticized and spread.out that news to the whole world.. :)

    u shud not be the first one to work on it.. coz they are already educated..

    if u dont like their services, then better hop to the other one..
    if u stick on them because of their good pizzas or food.. then, dine in with enough doze of patience.. :)
    and see how it works .. *wink..

  • Glayra

    Hello Dai!

    Thanks for your input!

    For me, "hopping" to other related business may not always solve the problem. We got the chance to grasp the problem, I think we should not run away from it but help them realize the problem. We may not be aware but in the future the consequences it may trigger could affect us in ways we could not imagine it would happen. This covers every possible event that might be generated from bad customer service.

    Also, I believe that we should share what we have in mind to improve everything. :)

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