This should make up for my absence

Sunday, July 24, 2011
It's been forever since I've blogged some real words (not just some loading media players.. :)) Again, my apologies to my blog readers, I have been doing a lot of things lately that I could hardly remember when was the last time I played Brainchamp on my cellphone, (strong indication of worsening time management that I could not even allocate enough time to do a daily brain exercise game that would only take for 5-6 minutes).

Alright. Allow me to convert my complicated? life for two months into much simple? mathematical formula: aggravating work duties + stressful course loads + disorganized mind = I need to be in a white room for a year with paper and pen to start a book on how Glayra thinks about thinking a lot then forget about all of those in an instant just like building a great sandcastle shaped on accurate details then smash it afterwards! :]

I guess, I just need more, more time to organize my thoughts and identify my priorities, I certainly do not know until when I am going to reason out need this "more time" phrase but somehow, I am doing the best I could to cope with all of these things. I incisively follow through a gratitude process by which the initial step is to think for the positive sides on every challenges I face so at the end of the day, I'd thank God that I go through these obstacles and hardships and eventually, I would earn the long-term benefits from all of these.

Now, I would like to commit myself into a promise that in the coming days, I will blog about my recent work experience in a hotel here in Davao as well as, post some learned tips from my online job. Finally, I would really love to share about my MBA lessons, exploring through broad and new business-related topics (hopefully, I will try to incorporate IT perspective into these subject matters). Or maybe, I would post my WAC assignments here on my blog. :)

Well, 'til next time Glayreaders.. :]


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