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Saturday, July 16, 2011
Muzika Ni Aryalg of the week [071611]

Here's some alternative rock... I don't know why this song has been playing on my mind lately (am I thinking of leaving some place or person? idRk ;)) But enjoy listening muzikians!
I badly need inspiration these days...

P.S. For those who drop by and a bit disappointed to only see some loading media players instead of new and thought-provoking blog posts, my deepest apologies to all of you... I exactly just do not know how to start a post without having to exert great effort to control the stream of topics that pop up in my mind like spams! ;) Allow me to organize my thoughts for now before I could put up some worth-the-typing-of-www.glayra.com blog post in the next few days (hopefully). Ciao!


  • jehzlau

    Hello glayra! Napadaan! :D Nasa blogroll u pala me.. Add din kita sa blogroll ko ^_^

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