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Sunday, June 26, 2011
The more you educate yourself the more you understand where things come from the more obvious things become and you begin to see lies everywhere. You have to know the truth and seek the truth and the truth will set you free. - Jordan Maxwell

I am very overwhelmed with the realization that I could be considered as a major threat to individuals of higher authority and power who keep the society from being aware of the astounding truth behind every system. Yes. These elite people do not want anybody to think deeper beyond what is plainly laid out to us. And coincidentally, my blog happens to be about thinking a lot (read my tag line above) which means I could be significantly included in their blacklist. :))

I watched the two baffling documentary films titled Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist: Addendum. The first part is about conspiracy theories on 9/11, religion myths, inadequate educational system and economic fallacies. And I certainly admit that these topics are really big for a small thinker like me and I would not necessarily persuade everybody to watch these documentations unless you are open-minded enough to receive the staggering ideas and concepts presented by Peter Joseph, the brain man behind Zeitgeist. Indeed, if you're easily offended then, do NOT watch it! It shows several theological theories that could alarm any religion institutions which by the way, they already had disapproved the release of this documentary to the public because of its insensitivity to the topic on religious teachings. (But if you already have learned about Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, Zeitgeist somehow reveals similar arguments to that movie definitely, watching the first documentary could not be that raging anymore. Also, both documentary films were watched by 50 million people worldwide). What particularly interested me is the conspiracy theory surrounding the 9/11 attack that it could have actually initiated by the U.S. government itself and that they rejected the intelligence reports coming from allied countries, warning the U.S. government about the planned attack. Though, I do not wholly acknowledge the validity of the presented theory about the said disastrous event that killed thousands of people yet I find it intelligently occupying to consider. Hence, I am leaving this one for your judgment (you can skip the theological theories part and go directly to the next part of this first documentary).

Zeitgeist's second documentary movie, the "Addendum" or postscript is an in-depth follow up to the first one. However, it centers on the monetary system and how human development can be essentially attained if we switch from current socioeconomic paradigm to natural resources based systematic progress. I found it interesting that behind the intimidating economic figures is a simplified notion that money=debt and debt=money which was very compelling that I completely understand the slavery we naively experience now because of the existing system in money production and submission to work to earn money and so on and so forth. Have you ever wondered how money was created in the first place and what sort of system it engages with? This sequel documentary is a must-watch one to comprehend the nature of what seems the reason that makes our world go round---money. Admit it or not, we all need money. We strive for money. We survive because of money. But would you like to believe it that given with abundant resources and advancing technology, if we further take care and properly manage all of these, in time, we'd realize that money is not relevant anymore. The Venus Project which is also featured in this documentary is a very ideal conceptual design of how our natural resources and technology can provide us with sustainable human development. I am supporting the said project and I believe that this would be a major menace to greedy and powerful authorities who would discern this initiative as an ultimate end of their domination.

Watching these documentary movies opened a whole new perspective to me. But it does not entirely mean that I support all the notions presented by Peter Joseph. It has somehow educated me with a different view, allowing me to weigh my thoughts better. What these documentaries really made great impact to me is the calling for consolidation of our ideas and knowledge. With the most ideal educational system, we should be generally learning everything, bringing out the highest potential out of us which would be our greatest contribution to human development. (You can start playing your part now by gathering information, thinking a lot and contemplate deeper). Finally, the movie stresses out that LOVE should prevail in each of us and every good thing will follow.

By the way, Peter Joseph has released its third documentary titled Zeitgeist: Moving Forward and I have yet to watch it so, I would just surely share my thoughts on that one next time. :)

Our true divinity is in our ability to create. And armed with the understanding of the symbiotic connections of life, while being guided by the emergent nature of reality, there is nothing we cannot do or accomplish. - from the Zeitgeist: Addendum

Visit The Zeitgeist Movement site here.
Learn about The Venus Project here.


  • helena

    this looks very interesting. i have been a little intrigued by conspiracy theories too some years back...

  • Glayra

    You gotta watch it Helena... You'd definitely gain a different perspective after watching it..

  • helena

    hmmm i am so happy to find you online, too! hahah. i have been looking for someone who loves to write and think of stuff like these. lol. i also placed you on my links page!!! wala kasing sidebar itong layout ko, masyadong maarte. hahaha.

  • Glayra

    :D kasi naman bongga masyado site mo... Thanks Helena!

    Some people could not appreciate this kind of thinking because takot sila malaman ang katotohanan.. :)

    It's good to have you around..visit2 lang ha... :)

  • Glayra

    murag interesting lagi na sir.. The Conspirators Hierarchy... hmm...

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