Unscathed Brain

Sunday, June 5, 2011
When I watched Forrest Gump movie, I realized how fortunate those people who know less than I am, who speak innocently, who do things without a doubt, who basically think uncomplicated situations, who need less materialistic things, who ceaselessly hope that one can make a change with a single deed. Blessed they are because they worry less and their wishes do come true because they see no impossibility, and since they believe in everything and they've got true faith, their prayers are answered.

Forrest Gump like I Am Khan movie's lead actor, are individuals who think just simple. Basic. Pure knowledge. "Stupid is as stupid does", they may be slow thinkers but the thought and the course of their actions weigh much greater than the regular stupid does.

This afternoon, I watched another thought-provoking film, Taare Zameen Par (Stars on Earth). It is an Aamir Khan film that features a story of a nine-year old boy who has difficulties in reading and writing but possesses astounding intelligence to perceive the world differently. The movie is such a great inspiration to me that I wonder how is it to think like them, who can perceive another dimension out of the plain view, who can think out of the box.

We tend to think endless and diverse thoughts, who consider practical judgments, who take different options that it has been hard to decide directly, who perceive doubt as an early failsafe for failures and so on and so forth. Though we take our thoughts to have contained more than theirs, in absolute truth, they have the potential to create a new world out of their great imagination. I even more understand that I have barely used  my brain contrast to the default mindset that I thought I have been already overusing it.

From now on, I will try to reach out the implicate order of my thoughts by just thinking for simple and basic thoughts that need not much of deliberation. (How will I be able to take easy ones easily when doing them will actually require strenuous effort?)


  • wow i love aamir khan! i'll make sure i'll watch this movie...have you watched ghajini?

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