I thought leaving was impossible

Saturday, May 21, 2011
I learned to love my work, the workplace and some of the employees I worked with, and even learned to care for and love my bosses. Though, several times did I wish before, to work in an entirely different workplace, under a different type of management, I realized that even without having compared with or experienced to work in another workplace, I believe that my first job at VDS, was the best work experience I would have in my life, not that, I am being biased about it but generally, VDS bested my expectations in a workplace where they seriously and literally create a better and different you (they really made a better me...from scratch...) :]

Yes, I initially began working with the slightest idea what to happen in the first few months.. I went through hardships and literally, heart-breaking and confidence-smashing situations that I almost gave up, I was just very glad and proud that my father has always been there to straighten out  every confusion, discouragement and all signs of pessimism I felt every time I encountered difficulties at work, and he's been a good advisor in every decision I made. In truth, my real-IT-life experience for two years was in fact, incomparable to the most challenging experiences I had before, that it felt very rewarding.

So why did I resign? The work schedule would likely conflict to my personal plans to take up master's degree this school opening. But let us say, given with retention offers, I would not want to compromise the company someday having to choose in between my personal and work life. It would be unjust to the company. I would not commit myself into a responsibility I know I could not carry on to the highest extent. I hope though my bosses did understand that.

Now, I am treading a familiar path I have taken two years back, it's like I was trailing full circle but now,  a tangent line is visibly drawn, extending to another road that will lead me beyond the horizon, where lies greater knowledge and broader experience. Thank you VDS... TMS... SYS... I shall return... :)

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.” - Raymond Lindquist


  • kenneth

    don't leave me madam ^_^. hehe nihawa na d i ka sa victoria? tsk3 di nako mag ask nanu.

    May God bless ur decisions madam :)

  • Glayra

    ayaw jud ask kay paila lang wala nimo gihuman ug basa ang post.. :[

    thanks telz... need them now... blessings and luck wishes...

  • randy

    wise move .... let me know how i can HELP you ...

  • Glayra


    Sir ikaw ni sir rsg? :]

    I know I did the right decision pero I fear about the future.. Maybe what I need right now is the positive support from family and friends... Dili dali ako decision and I expect dili dali pud ang mga umaabot nga challenges... Please include me in your prayers Sir.. :)

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