Fall In Love With No One

Saturday, May 7, 2011
I think my understanding in relationships has reached a certain point that I know enough who should I be with for real. Well, I see lots of relationships succeed and fail. From these, I was able to create pointers before committing into a relationship.

1. Should I not date a person who I just met at a club

Exactly. Do I need to further explain this? The fact that I'd meet this person in a club would give me an idea that he'd get to meet lots of persons before or even after I'd meet him especially if he is a partyholic. (Imagine him dancing or mingling with anyone else he does not even know well, that is just discouraging.)

2. Should I not fall in love with a person who I only know through chat, text, or other modern ways of communication that does not involve real presence

Most people I know get easily hoooked with texts or chat messages that mostly are not expressed sincerely, virtual communication only sustains a relationship, not a major contributor, it only supports relationships founded on strong foundation which is only developed through real interaction. I'd only trust the person enough if I get to talk or discuss lots of things with him in person rather than relationships created virtually, it prevents real connection.

3. Should I not fall in love with physical attributes...only

Unless if I find his inner beauty appealing too or even more likeable than that of his aura. This does not work all the time for men who boast relationships based on their partner's physical qualities. But for me, since I want a long-term relationship then I should be looking to a person's attitude and character.

4. Should I not fall in love with a person just because we have similar interests

Well, I love to explore beyond my range of interests, certainly, I will like someone who listens to different music genre, who does not blog, who does not facebook or tweet, who does not stay at home a lot, who is not talkative, who is likely the opposite of me. I would like to have a wider reach of fields.

5. Should I not fall in love with someone younger than me (intellectually)

What I mean is I will like someone who definitely thinks more mature than me. I will need someone to guide me, to inspire me with thoughts I have not considered yet, who unquestionably has better perspective than mine, who can help me decide because he has plainer views than me. Oh my God, I am looking for an almost perfect thinker right here! :]

6. Should I not fall in love with someone who does not care a lot for his mother

One way to prove that the person is capable of taking good care of me is to know how he treats his mother. If he loves and respects his mother so much then I know that he will love and respect me the same way he does to any other special women in his life.

7. Should I not fall in love with a person who has not set plans for the next few years

I always fail to prove to myself that I am a person with a plan so I will need someone to assist me in setting my goals in the future. Someone who has seen himself accomplishing his aims.

8. Should I not fall in love with someone who cannot do household chores

It's one way to know that he is responsible. By this way too, I will know that he'll likely be uncapable to do great things if he cannot handle the basic ones.

9. Should I not fall in love with a person who does not feel grateful to God everyday

I will absolutely love a person who thank God everyday, who feels His great presence in his life, and who realizes that my presence is a gift from God.

10. Should I not fall in love with anyone today

Because I am not ready yet. :]
I still have the strong restless desire to love myself first before loving someone else. Unless I feel that I am overdoing it already. :]


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