Amazing Race 18

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have always been a fan of Amazing Race but this would be my first time to blog about it. Because this season has been so far the most interesting show I have ever seen, maybe because the groups were returning teams from previous seasons and they were called for to end the "unfinished business".

The race to one million dollars was an amazing race around the world with 23 cities visited this season, traveling 40,000 miles in distance and difficult challenges laid that left 10 teams unable to get their second chances worthwhile.

This season, I specifically liked the travels to Japan, Austria, China, Switzerland and Brazil. Japan, Austria and China are places rich in historical and cultural background while Switzerland and Brazil are certainly great spots for vacation trips.

The participating teams were Amanda and Kris, Mel and Mike, Jaime and Cara, Margie and Luke, Ron and Christina, Jet and Cord, Kent and Vyxsin, Zev and Justin, Gary and Mallory, Flight Time and Big Easy; and Kisha and Jen. Indeed, this season's participants have diverse personalities anyone would surely have interest in watching. Like I hated the mood swings of Kent and Vyxsin that they were also terrible in navigation, and how annoying the exaggerated positive character of Mallory, and how Ron-Christina could not get enough teamwork in spite that they were a father-daughter team, and how Jet and Cord could still be in a race despite the fact they were always left out in most of the races, maybe 'coz they're just absolutely strong and fast. And of course, Margie and Luke who despite Luke's condition, they're still able to get through four races.

I and my sister rooted for Zev-Justin and Flight Time-Big Easy to win the title since these two teams always surprised us with their racing techniques though, both teams have Zev and Big Easy who could not manage their temperaments well that hindered them sometimes into winning the legs. Nevertheless, Zev-Justin won four 1st place slots in this season, giving them chances to experience three amazing trips from Travelocity and each of them will ride on a 2012 Ford Focus as they won two latest Ford models in Leg 8. Flight Time and Big Easy on the other hand, won two 1st-place slots and we're truly happy about it because initially, they were Double U-Turned in the early race which meant that they had to complete the other task in a Detour point.

At the end of this amazing race though, Jen and Kisha won the Amazing Race 18 title, making them the second all-female team who won the race (first all-female team was recorded in Amazing Race 17 by Doctors Nat and Kat). As Zev explained, these two sisters have proven that consistency is the key to stay in the race as they have never obtained last or first place either in the entire race. They further showcased good sportsmanship and they were most of the times, calm with each other in completing certain tasks. Flight Time-Big Easy placed in second while Gary-Mallory finished in third place. The last part of the finishing race was a very exciting but tiring one since remaining three teams have to race in bicycles in 7-mile trip of the Seven Mile Bridge to the finish line.

Well, I will certainly miss watching the show now that, they are still filming Amazing Race 19 which is scheduled to air by summer in U.S.A. (second to third quarter of the year). I will certainly miss Phil (host of the show). And I will certainly miss how I and my sister decide on which detour to take in every race we watched like we were the ones racing for the million dollars. I have dreamed to race in Amazing Race 25 and I think now, that is just too soon to become a possibility but well, we do not know what the future stores for us! :]


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