When Classic Comes With Xtyle

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Again for the nth time, I own another hand-me-down, 2 month-old cellphone, it's Nokia X2-00. Well, Papa gave it to me exactly two weeks ago and I certainly wanted to blog about it but I thought it was too much to flaunt that every year I get at least one new cellphone (partly kidding) but since an acquaintance of mine indirectly suggested me on Facebook to personally share my X2 experience so here I am, will finally blab about it. 

I was actually impressed at first moment I saw its sleek design, I noticed that the trend in classics is modern black though, original color of X2 comes in metallic blue which I don't personally prefer. Honestly, I don't further like that its homescreen text font almost covers the whole standby screen but I like that you can see the contact image who notified you by text or call. Another thing I don't much love about X2 is that you cannot mark and unmark items you want to delete on the inbox and sent folders or conversations (a chat-like history feature between me and the recipient which I find nice by the way), so you have to either delete all messages by folder or do the hassle one by one. 

At first, if you have not updated its firmware, you will encounter a few many bugs!!! I must tell you these were undesirable bugs! Firstly, you cannot delete a captured picture or recorded movie right away, you will have to wait 5 minutes or so before you can do the process. Second, it has no draft folder, next, you cannot save an unfinished text (I did an unusual technique for this one, I would copy the text, then paste it later for editing). Fourth, you cannot play .MP4 files without experiencing "buffering" which I did not really understand why it had to undergo such routine when the file was in fact, loaded to its memory card already. Top five bug, hands-free calls are entirely annoying, the other person on the line would keep telling me that he/she only heard feedback sounds! Sixth bug was the worst, when you do a lot of things on the phone like opening many applications, it will hang up and for several times, restart itself. I truthfully was worried about all these stuffs and so I looked for a Nokia forum that would help me fix the above-mentioned problems and by fate, I met all X2 users who had accurately experienced the same problems with me. And the solution was simply, to update my firmware version. It was done while synchronizing X2 with my laptop via Nokia Ovi Suite and just did the update process. 

All issues were resolved. In addition, the firmware update enhanced the image and video capture resolution as well as, improved audio output, plus created a draft folder, and more convenient options for text messaging and contact management. Other unnoticed add-ons are still to be explored but all in all, it already goes past beyond my satisfaction standard as cellphone user since 1998. 

From personal experience, I believe that no cellphone manufacturer has ever invented yet a cellphone that comes with perfect features, that can stop a consumer from considering about wanting to own new cellphone again like what I am thinking right now. :]

For X2's detailed specifications, click here. I have to say this distinctly though, Nokia X2-00 is best for music lover like me because it features almost perfect audio playback that it sounds like ultra intensity-clear music output.

For sample image capture resolution: Daylight, Low Light, FluorescentNight Mode

For sample .3gp video capture resolution: DaylightNight Mode (these links will direct you to 4shared file sharing site, please click the DOWNLOAD links and play both files with .3gp file supported player)


  • kenneth

    tnx sa sample images glay. Curious lang jud ko sa cam ani.hehe Dghan mangud reviews na pangit lage daw ang cam ani.

    pero la koy question sa music capabilities.hehe

  • Glayra

    so unsa man imo maingon?
    mas nice man xag resolution sa previous cam nako.. :]
    mao okay lang sa akoa..

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