Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Holy week is the time for Christians to contemplate things they have done in their lives. And as for me, who is also a Christian, believes that we should reflect always, not just on Lent season.

As I scan through the pages of my lifebook, there were times that I forgot to acknowledge our God for the challenges that came along my way, instead, I questioned God why I had to undergo those things, why I had to be hurt, why I had to experience failures. Later did I realize that these challenges were brought about to make the better and stronger person I am today. For twenty-two years, I admit that I am not that religious person, but I acknowledge good and bad, righteous and evil. I have a sense of right and wrong. And I am so much grateful to our Creator for letting me experience the best things in this life and for creating me, to be with the greatest souls, my family, to love and be loved, to learn and share, to breathe the air, to feel the rain, to see the beauty of nature.

I am also thankful that despite the failures and disappointments, along with all the negative emotions I experienced, I am still positive that whatever comes along my way in the coming days, I know that I will be guided by our God.

I feel the presence of our Creator and I have never been this close to our God. He stays in my heart and in my soul that I know everything flows according to His will.


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