From Lack of Communication to Chaos

Monday, April 4, 2011
The arena becomes a venue of furphies and rumours. Though, I dared not to share my opinions on concerns raised by several players, I decided to simply be a passive receiver of those misled information. One thing is for sure, the event is a major distraction that slows down the players' performance.

It gets worse everyday. Players circulate different misconceptions: handlers play tricks, players send threats, handlers cheat, players declare their efforts are forgotten. I want to be as neutral as possible but there are times that I take sides for the handlers but most of the times, I feel the sentiments of the players.

Yesterday, I went through a portal owned by a certain player whose identity I have not yet deciphered, he wrote outbursts enough to create chaos. One post persuades the reader to reevaluate the feelings of disgust towards the handlers. And I must say, any handler would get offended by those posts considering the fact that he has an audience of a hundred whose sentiments are likely the same as his.

The said portal contains most of his unjust observations on the handlers' ops, some of the audience even concurred to his opinions. From that simple virtual gathering of ideas, he could actually create revolution out of these shared judgments. Take it as a first step to uprising.

No matter how strong my desire to warn both sides about the implications and consequences of this worsening incident (the hearsays have intensified for the last three months), I remain silent amidst all these. I hope though the players shall find a better way to address their concerns to the handlers, the same way the handlers shall explain their lack of effort in expressing their stand on the issues thrown at them. Their account will certainly shed light on every player's confused mind.


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