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Wednesday, March 2, 2011
While some of my friends on Facebook loath to have the new profile layout, there is another thing about these changes I guess not all of you have been aware of, which could possibly provide you enough reason to hate Facebook for a sec.

Have you ever wondered why you always have the same people hanging around your news feed or the same "fans" who write comments on your posts? Have you noticed that invisibility of some known friends on your feed yet you find them on your online chat list? That should leave you a slight doubt, could it be that all of a sudden they all have become mute or just that, they realized that posting thoughts or commenting are sure non-compulsory things.

Possible. But I would like to share an important information in which Facebook may have forgotten to notify their members, and that was a considerable mistake as for people like me who deeply cares about my friends' activities and recent updates. Facebook has set by default that all activities or updates that appear on news feeds are posted from FRIENDS AND PAGES YOU INTERACT WITH THE MOST and vice-versa, which was implemented along with the whole profile layout transition! That is the reason why you have been seeing the same faces on your news feed and the same fans on your wall posts. That is.

To fix this, click EDIT OPTIONS right at the bottom of your news feed.

Change the current setting of  "Show posts from" to ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND PAGES.

And voila! You will now be able to see all of your friends' updates as well as, posts from all of the fan pages you liked.

Well, it's up to you then to change it or not if you desire to stay connected with whom you want to interact with the most but for people like me who in the first place, joined this ever addicting social networking site to be updated as much as possible with the latest happenings of known people and friends on my network, I just do not want to miss a thing on their activities and all. Ultimately, just as what exactly Facebook aims for, I want to "be connected with everybody".

Unfortunately, though I have already configured my news feed setting, some of my now-visible-in-my-news-feed friends are however, missing my updates up to now! So I guess the best thing I can do is to send this blog link to everyone I know and let the networking do the rest.

Geez... They should not make another major Facebook glitch for that would certainly cost me another blog post. Y'know I'm just being responsible resident of the growing Facebook community. :)

Credits to Perez Hilton for sharing this very informative post on his blog.


  • karren

    ...so that is the reason!!

    yes, there was really a point that i wondered why can't i see updates from my other friends considering i have currently 667 friends!!!i just don't dig deep into it..but now i know!!

    thanks for this glai, i'll update my settings later and let's see how this works..

    nice post^_^

  • Glayra

    You're welcome vu..

    Share the information to all of your friends.. :D

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