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Sunday, February 20, 2011
Yes, it felt forever not having an internet connection.

We just moved in to our new place about a hundred meters from the previous apartment and I must say, besides morning dew allergies, our new home is the best so far we have lived in here in Davao for like almost 6 years. The place has provided us with great light beam and cold winds, ultimately, perfect ventilation. I share a room with my sis and I can actually share it with another 5 to 10 persons. It's just so spacious! One thing I like about this place too is that we are given total privacy that we have our own keys to the gate and to our unit door. New Place and it's a HOME. New Chapter.

Another thing I'd love to share is that my workplace has given me another reason to stay.
My boss recognizes my gifted skills and wits.
I must totally say that I am proud of myself.
I am always given a chance to think a lot.
I mean cerebrate a lot.
That I could feel every cute brain cell working on my tiny but extraordinary mind!

The great news ever this week is that I received a CONGRATULATIONS letter. Well, technically, my ma received the letter since it was addressed to our home. But the letter contained a significant news that could probably alter my plans for this year. Well, it has something to do with my passing the Career Service Professional Examination last October.

And the best news is that I am kicking back! I am still alive baby!
And I am blogging! :)


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    wow amazing! that's fantastic!congrats!

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