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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Month of Love. That is why Mr. Cutie Cupid is sitting up there on my header. I am hooked. I am in love with myself. Could the month of February be always about lovers and relationships? Nope! It is certainly about love. Love for family. Friends. Relatives. Pets. Things. Etc. Maybe everyone's trying to change their relationship statuses on Facebook and I say that's too lame. Hoping someone would date you on Valentines? You can always be with your family or friends. Feel the love from them.

In truth, month of love is a time when you recognize the presence of this strong and positive emotion around us. But finding the one to celebrate with is not a prerequisite to say that yes it's indeed the month of love. You know, you can always find LOVE on March, April, May and so on. :))

Well, Happy Valentines. Love your family. And friends like me!


  • The Rice Creator

    Yeah! That's true Feb is not all with the couples. It is also by just friend and family. Heheh!

    *char! maka english man sad tah oi! lolz!

  • Glayra


    aw.. nosebleed.. :p

    oh see dba? ikaw kay desperado au ka.. WAIT lang jud tawn ERIC.. :D muabot ra na..

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