Unplanned Plans

Sunday, April 3, 2011
What I always love about myself is I sometimes do things that produce surprising results. And now, my plans for this year are totally distorted but in a very nice way. For the nth time, I have proven myself that I can not be as organized as Noah Bennet who was tagged as "the man with the plan".

Firstly, I still have not learned how to drive. My supposedly driving lessons seem not possible even for the next few months. Moreover, the plan to gather all my old friends in one place is not likely to happen too or worse, not even in a year or so.

But... my plan to pursue my interest in taking up masters degree by June is about 99% sure to happen, leaving that 1% doubt that under one possible circumstance, I would move the sched again to next semester which I would totally not accept unless that circumstance worth the nth delay.

I am glad though that I had one plan already made into action, that is, (drum rollsssssss) I finally tendered my first ever resignation two weeks ago. It has been written. And this event has left me with another unexpected plan as an aftermath of what I thought was just a purportedly personal achievement last October 17.

I was offered with an opportunity that would perfectly work with my study plans. It was like shooting two birds with a stone.

Now, I am given endless options and it is again a time to feel the presence of the universe as I decide thoroughly for possible consequences I may encounter along this new journey. But deep in my soul, I perfectly cleared myself on any reservations about my resignation and I am very firm that I made the right decision.

I am just now asking the presence of U to guide me and to let me feel the oneness every time I need U. I know what I am seeking. Yes, I know.


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