The Omega

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
So it's 2011 and if you have watched the 2012 movie, you would probably think that you have one year left to spend the most of your life. Mayans they say, have predicted the end of the world by December 21 next year. In the movie, it's illustrated as well that there are signs of catastrophe before the said date and I should say, these signs seem visible these days.

Thousands of dead birds were found in Arkansas, 2 million of dead fishes shocked people near Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, thousands of dead doves fell from the sky in Italy and so on and so forth. Google has put these events into map and as you may observe, these events are distributed on different regions in the world though, more frequent in US and Europe. The map illustration is said to be an aid in determining a coherent pattern among these occurences. And I suppose, all these may be attributed to climate change.

However, I cannot keep myself off on the idea that there could be a possible conspiracy behind all these events. What if some group of people, or powerful authorities have designed these events to frighten off the people? What if they have planned this so everybody will really think, the end is near. You know business strategies include planting fears and desperations in the mind of people. Like for example, everybody are persuaded today to replace ordinary light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) to save energy and ultimately save earth, so who do you think greatly benefit from this switch? Entrepreneurs of anti-climate change products must be really thankful to all scientists who support global warming theory.

I remember that there were news running back in 2004 about that great tsunami that hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, conspiracy theorists stressed that the said event may have resulted from a big tidal wave experiment, also they contemplated that the said experimentation might have been maneuvered by a satellite.

Well, I was just thinking that my assumptions will be considered so to have a different perspective on the said "end of the world" matter. Let us say, if I am wrong then obviously NATURE is already showing off her dismay on us, we should ACT now!

I still believe though that the end is near. Not that kind of catastrophic end but that sort of "END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT". I think that we barely know our world so, I am certainly hoping for that moment to come, the OMEGA of naivety.


  • The Rice Creator

    Laina nimo glay oi! manghadlok man kah! Makahaplas man sad tah og OMEGA PAINKILLER oi! Ayaw sa ma end ang world... wala pa ko ka uyab! tsar! lolz!

  • karren

    hahahahhahahaa..lingawa nmo ker uie!!

    nice post glai..

    question is: ready na ba ta?

    ako dili pa jud..:(

  • snage

    I'll try to watch it, gwapo dai?

  • Glayra


    Uyaba na lang lagi si Mark! :))

    I am ready... :D

    Yup dai nice man.. :))

  • The Rice Creator

    @karen: dapat joker natah aron mahalin! lolz!

    @glay: Ummm glay lalaki diay ko og babae akong gipangita! lolz!

  • Glayra

    :D awww... dili pa ka ana pwede nga naa kay karpentero at the same time tinghugas ug plato sa inyo balay ker? :))

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