The Facebook Data Team

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
The team was created long before I thought of it. I was really amazed that the team exists and I feel so naive to have never entertained the idea that its significance may have actually considered by Mark Zuckerberg before. Last month, I was blogging about a suggestion to the Facebook's CEO himself about an in-depth analysis of our status updates to determine the emotional progress we have shared on FB and brava, there it was The Facebook Data Team which was and is actively doing researches and observations on their members' status updates, translating these into analytical graphs and informational data which help the people behind Facebook into seeking  future advancements on the site based on the needs that were determined from these researches they conducted.

On their recent note titled "What's on your mind", with around a million status updates studied and selected randomly, FB data team figured out some of the research outputs beneficial as one of these illustrates that most of us share positive thoughts in the morning which slowly transcend into negative statuses as the day goes on, which in fact, I believe so, since as we go through a day, we encounter events that change our moods thus reflecting them to our posts shared on FB. The research further exemplifies that a considerable number of younger people speak more of negative emotions on FB and they do mostly "swear", while older folks predominately talk about work or families. Click here to read more about the study.

Data mining is a smart thing initiated by Facebook founders especially that they cater more than 500 million members who mostly depend their way of network interaction with friends and relatives on this internet site. A thorough research is an informational advantage that could aid them in providing their members with better and more advanced services to meet their users' functional needs, and to essentially understand Facebook's impact on their lives. They do realize right that FB is more than a social networking site these days.


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