Believe In Dreams (Flyleaf)

Sunday, January 2, 2011
Muzika Ni Aryalg of the week [010211]

A touch of acoustic and a sense of rock, it's a Flyleaf year baby! Here's a brief trivia, Lacey Mosley (lead vocals) explains that the band's name Flyleaf was named after the idea that a book contains with flyleaf or a blank page at the beginning of the book as well as, the end of the book wherein one writes the moment of clarity before a story begins and after it ends. Now, Believe In Dreams is a great muzika to serenade our souls and it's our "flyleaf" for Muzika Ni Aryalg 2011. I BELIEVE IN DREAMS, I BELIEVE IN YOU. Happy New Year Muzikians!


  • The Rice Creator

    mao lang gud ning ganahan nako sa Flyleaf! Makasabay ka og emote sa iyang sounds! ~_~

  • Glayra

    :) scream2 man pd gd ning bayhana ni ker... :)) panagsa ra ka makadungog ug peaceful nga kanta ani nya... pero IDOL au nako ni xa.. :)

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