You, Me and Mark Zuckerberg

Thursday, December 2, 2010
I wonder how many replicating thoughts I have posted on Facebook. I learned from the books I have read that repeating thoughts push these into becoming realities. The more you think of it, the greater the chance it'd happen. And FB has been a great part of our daily routines already, making it the most impossible site to easily bring down and the mostly targeted site to put down, FB has successfully stepped in our lives as we regularly log in and post our thoughts, and it certainly becomes a tool for pushing thoughts into actions.

But I was thinking about a little suggestion since it has turned into our thoughts diary or some kinda scrapbook of our ideas and sentiments, maybe an even user-friendlier posts' history is suggested. Presently we have this Older Posts link located at lowermost of our wall, but this requires a lot of stressful effort to look back what we posted about a thousand thoughts before, especially for those sentimental and creaky-thinking FB people who always think that not sharing their thoughts could make them sick. Really sick.

In blogs or some websites, we have this "archives" containing posts arranged chronologically by year or by number of mostly labeled posts per category, and some bloggers like me, have search boxes to let the readers search through our blogs with a word or a topic they want to read about, that we may have mentioned in our previous blog posts (kindly refer to my search box above my header, man it's actually working if you haven't noticed or tried it yet!) So, a FB posts' search box is requested.

And also, to make my little opinion a little more exciting, I was also considering the idea of having a weblike tracking of posts that connects one thought to another thought of mine and measure its intensity based on its impact to my readers through the number of comments I received and maybe also, track my number of appearances in the Top News area, and wait, I am not yet finished, I want to know which of my thoughts have been repeatedly posted since then, by filtering senseful keyword on a whole post entry I had (so I mean not including words like the 'a' or 'the' and etcetera, just like that kind of filtering in Google search boxes).

Maybe in this way, I can essentially find out when do I usually change my mood, so my post tracker instantly becomes synonymous to mood tracker. Isn't it more exciting? Facebook turns into much more than that of social networking and way of communication but perfectly, understanding the way we think.

I am just expressing my thoughts like if only I had the chance to set up a new and more thrilling website than Facebook and call it "Thinkbook", but you know, no one can beat FB that easy today, so this idea might have been considered another edge by FB team or Mark Zuckerberg himself or maybe, it has been already realized by other companies who have sworn FB's downfall tomorrow or the next day.

That's all and thank you for your spare time folks.

PLEASE DON'T READ... The poorly-encrypted text below is certainly not written for you...

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

If you happen to read this post by any means or in whatever timeline, or if ever you just had a weird trip to google your name and find yourself clicking the 1,000,001st page and my blog link turned out to be first entry then please and please, so please provide a security configuration for tagging! I really hate when someone tags me in photos I WISH I WAS NOT TAGGED BEFORE I FIGURED OUT THAT I COULD BE TAGGED! I am suggesting that maybe an approval or kinda request to tag this person should be confirmed first or is-the-tagged-photo-really-you-command module would be provided. That's all... Ayy by the way, there's one more thing I want to ask, why can't we add you as a friend? Your FB page's just so unique... You must have hidden well the ADD AS FRIEND button... Anyways, thanks a lot for giving some people enough reason to acquire for an internet connection... That certainly has allowed internet providers here in Philippines to gain more profits. And well, thank you really for providing us a reason to stay online everyday in this new and open world of information... FB serves its purpose very well despite the story behind its creation (obviously, I have seen your movie)... :p

Ones and Zeroes,

Glayra J


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