Monday, December 27, 2010
My special present for myself this Christmas is to finally own my domain name. I've been waiting for this moment to come when I could finally purchase and register my blog with .com. 

Since I just got my Eon Visa card recently, I decided to spend some of my savings with google domain name registration for $10. Amazingly, it just took me a few hours for its complete transition and redirecting all my blog urls to a new one!

I am really grateful that my parents gave me such a very unique and nice name that Glayra.com is entirely available domain name! I could even register it with .net, .org, .info and so on and so forth. So now, it is just so convenient and easy to type in the address bar my blog url, forgetting about the hassle glaiyzexistence had caused everyone of us.

But you know, I value glaiyzexistence so much, in fact, the reason that I set up this blog (aside from implementing effective knowledge sharing) is to proclaim to the world that Glayra a.k.a. Glaiyze actually exists!

And so, enjoy blogging guys. 

Remember type in glayra.com
that's glayra.com
Is not that too easy? :))


  • karren

    hala ka-nice...

    dili lagi ko kabalo ani glay ai..


    happy for you glay..

    proud jud ko nmo bha..hehehe

  • About Glayra

    asa imo pasabot nga dili ka kabalo vu??? :))

    char uie... thanks2... kinabuhi na siguro ni ako blog... one of most valuable things i have... :)

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