Working On Christmas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
I can't find the exact word to describe my work experience this holiday season. If only, I could clone myself to attend to all tasks being assigned to me, I would definitely trade anything for that (except for valuable things...haha). Anyway, as expected, we got loads of work to be done this month since it's Christmas!

I do love Christmas, it is the time when I can truly express my love to my family and friends through gifts and greetings, and happy moments with them. But I am not a child anymore that has to spend a few weeks with family during this season, opening gifts and sing Merry Christmas songs and all, indeed, IT IS MY DUTY TO NEVER BE ABSENT AT WORK on this month of the year.

I hate the feeling of giving up especially that this is the time for happy and joyous moments. But how can I appreciate the beauty of Christmas when we had to extend our working hours, no rest days, unlimited tasks, assignments here and there?

Well, I am partly happy though that we get to have Kris Kringle everyday since last week and we'll be holding a simple gathering next week when we'll be exchanging gifts with everyone in our section and two coemployees outside our family. I could somehow feel the spirit of Christmas.

Looking at the larger picture, I am part of the chain that provides service to our customers. In truth, I play a simple part in our company but eventually, a player that pushes events into realities which helps the company as a whole.

So, I bought a stressball which I feared before to have only promoted stresses for its presence.. Let me rephrase it, I bought a "Relaxation Ball" to relieve me from the negativities.

Dear Universe,

Provide me good health always and strength so I will be able to get through this. Please remind me of good and energizing things instead of its opposites. Thank you!

Glayra J


  • snage

    ok ra na dai,,, aku, nag apas pd due to extended laag2.huhu.. anyway, regards sa imo fam.. kaya mo yan!

  • Glayra

    Thanks dai... Lagi uie! Kaya nako ni! :) hapit na jud mahuman ang December! :)) regards pud ko sa imo mga sis dai ha? and to your new :)

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