Tomorrow is 2011

Friday, December 31, 2010
Today is 2010's last day and I am thinking about what were the highlights of my life this year. And I remember few things...

1. I was really sick last January though, I forgot why. :] Curly hair!
2. Then February, I started passively campaigning for Mr. Green for the May presidential elections..
3. March came, it was my 21st birth month right? I remember testing my thinking defense mechanism at work. =)
4. April: I converted myself from being a passive Greenie to a semi-active one, in fact, I was blogging for smart voting and was consistently posting green thoughts on FB. 
5. May, of couse, it was when I casted my very first and worthy presidential vote. Ma's birthday.. Also, my very first tooth extraction! =[
6. June? Did I miss June? Right, I started compiling my Muzika ni Aryalg featured hit of the week.
7. July? Pa's birthday. Applied for CS exam and passport.
8. August was perfectly unrecognized on my timeline. Hmm. Let me check.
9. September, Pu and best friend's birthday. Was excited about the upcoming HK + Macau or Bangkok trip.
10. Trips were cancelled. Taken CS exam. Worked longer hours. It's October! My hair's back to straight. Bad hair days were over.
11. November! Hectic schedules were finally listed! Pressures and stresses. Must have hated November except that my year will be never be a year without it.
12. December. Finally. Pressures and joy were mixed up! I both hated and loved my job. 13th month pay. What else? Hmm.. MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS? I passed the Civil Service Professional Examination and AT LAST,  registered my blog with own domain name, GLAYRA.COM! Grabbed my first visa card, opened a bank account so I could save next year. I gained weight perhaps. And I received gifts and gifts and love and blessings from both work and personal life. And lastly, for the last few hours of my 2010, due to unexpected bad weather, I spent new year's eve ALONE! First time in my whole life's history.

Anyways, let me share now with you my Top 10 Highlights (more of a to-do list) for 2011!

1. I will be saving money, really! 
2. I will be taking driving lessons.
3. I will be expecting a job twist! 
4. I will be celebrating my 22nd birthday.
5. I will be making a very tough decision by March or April. 
6. We will be going to HONGKONG (keeping my fingers crossed). 
7. I will be enrolling for MBA degree - preparatory courses at USeP. 
8. I will be reaching out to my old friends and relatives.
9. I will be trying to reveal something.
10. Hmm. I will be making the most of 2011! 

2010 was really a learning experience. I have learned a lot, experienced the best and worst things of this year, eventually, all these create a new and better Glayra today. So hopefully, 2011 will be another and more mind-boggling experience for me and for all of us! Happy New Year guys!


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