Wednesday, December 1, 2010
I was so pleased to hear great compliments from my boss during a meeting attended by representatives of different offices and sections.The said emergency gathering centered on system analysis by plotting into horizontally and vertically arranged data or our boss had described it as the table of information. He mentioned my name in valuing words for being an example of doing exactly what he wanted, that is solving problems through data diagramming.

As time went by, my job description leveled up into a higher degree of intellectual-based work that requires more logic and analytical skills. The subject we talked about was actually my job. System analysis. Just another role I play as Software Development Assistant of our company. I had never been good at these skills not after when our boss had put enough trust and confidence that I "can" do the task.

Well, I am glad that I did not disappoint him and this means that I should do better. Constant good performance is boring, that is why I am challenged to do more "new" tasks on my  first job.


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