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Monday, December 20, 2010
I just welcomed myself two weeks ago to the freelancing world. I signed up for oDesk a few months ago but I thought it was weird to have a freelance job while I work for a regular job. And then months later, I realized that aside from FB, Millionaire City,, Twitter and my blog site, I wanted my unlimited internet connection to find its significant purpose other than gaining tons of information and enjoying quite a leisure time out of reading thoughts of FB friends. I was considering about earning real money (you know my ads do not generate much of income, not even bringing in more than 10 bucks). So that was it, I looked for jobs under writing category. And I met my very first virtual employer.

I was skeptical at first if I could really be paid up, indeed, trust is what links a contractor to his employer. And so, during the interview process, she (if she truly is a "she") asked me to write about a certain topic so she could assess my writing ability. I actually appreciated the risk she has taken, you know, I do not have much to impress on my current profile, no oDesk projects history, not yet taken tests and so on and so forth. So she was like, "Okay, let's give it a try!" And then, she hired me.

Now, the payment method issue. My skepticism drove me a little crazy last week, when I submitted the first set of articles as she promised to pay me right after the submission, I received a notification on my oDesk dashboard prompting that I was sent a payment from my employer but when I checked my financial activity, I was annoyed to see a "Pending Transaction" there instead of a due date (date ready for withdrawal). And I overreacted, sent my employer a message, telling her that I was hoping she'd commit to our deal, and so she sent me a copy-paste version of what oDesk has sent her after she confirmed her payment, and I was guilty right then especially the part when about four hours later, the "Pending Transaction" statement turned to a real due date by next week. I AM A FIRST TIMER. So unwitting.

Anyways, I have read the policies of Paypal and gained lot of information from oDesk help as well as, from my friends who happened to have more experiences than me when it comes to online job thing, so last Thursday, I finally got my eon card that would help convert my Paypal money to Pesoses baby!

I am having real fun writing and researching for weird topics I have never imagined I would write about before. Indeed, this new dollar-worth hobby has turned me on. Significantly, its benefits include enhancing my writing and learning more and more. Oops... Freelancing does not entirely mean my regular's job has lost its limelight. My real job is way much better and more thought-provoking than this new found interest.


  • mj23

    nagtry pud ko ani bah..wla man ko nkapasar sa exam..hehe..kpoy man gud basa..pero nangapply jpon ko..transcriptionist!haha..buanga..di masabtan ang gipa-transcribe skoa decline nku oie..:D

  • snage
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  • snage

    it's good to hear your into freelancing napd dai... ana jud ang payment method.. naa schedule, 2 weeks after the job was completed before you will receive the payment on your oDesk account! Goodluck!

    Work Online

  • Glayra


    pangita uie nga mumeet sa imong skills and kaya nimo... ana pud ako feeling sauna mao wala ko nitry usab kay paminaw nako dili nako kaya but then with agnes' experiences, naengganyo ko balik and this time, equipped with enough info to dinf the right online job... :)


    lingaw2 lang gud dai.. actually isa pa ka contract akoa... stop sa ko kay bz au ko sa ako work jud walay rest dayha and extended working hrs permente, dili na makaya magsideline2 pa.. :]

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