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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
My absence in the blogosphere for a while has provided me with a great time to ponder on things to write about and share them to my readers. Well, I have been thinking more about what to do in the next few months. And since I've learned a lot about what happened to me for the past months which include my cancelled trip to Hong Kong cause of the Mendoza hostage event which also led us to hope for a trip to Bangkok which eventually ended up for solo-Mama-trip . Me and my sister had to let the chance to go abroad pass by. The situation halted us to enjoy our supposedly first ever out-of-the-country extraordinary experience. But hopefully, we'll get to plan for another international trip next year or maybe, I'll start by knowing our very own tourist spots here in the Philippines.

Anyway, for the past months, I was more into my work and virtual life. The workplace required me to be healthy as much as possible because I needed to extend working hours to meet the increasing demand of our customers now that December is fast approaching that's when people buy a lot! Indeed! :D I eat, I work, I facebook and I take tons of rest! Virtual life has been the only escape from the stressful reality and the changing weather. Even though, I really miss my family and my friends, Facebook and of course, my 6303 classic have been very helpful to reach them out. But now.. Okay let's not talk about anymore how constant my activities are and how gray my life was and it has been recently. What about my futura plano?

Yes, I just got my MBA prospectus from the university I graduated. I really want to take Master's degree next year. And perfectly, I am very interested in the subjects the university's offering which I may take. But since I am not a business-related course graduate, I will need to take preparatory courses which mean that it would conflict to my current working sched which instantly resulted to an inception of a very critical idea. Well, I started to love my job but and wait... I am still looking for options here alright.

So, the plan has been set. Option 1 was the critical idea I've mentioned earlier and Option 2 will be known by February as the outcome I have generated last October. Option 3 must be visible soon as long as the coast is clear. Someone or something must provide me an Option 4 for a failsafe! Help!

My future plans, I believe, will be laid out straightaway just when my big masteral plan will be taken into actions. Choices and decisions will take place accordingly like falling row of dominoes.

Maybe in my parallel world, I have been planning for work-abroad scheme and I actually thought about it but it is just that, the opportunity's not knocking at my door yet. Yes, I have been exposed to ways to work abroad but I do not want to do it prematurely. I've got every resource to find a way to working in a foreign land like for example, the internet, but I just do not think like clicking the opportunity would be that too easy! Maybe, I just don't need money that much if that is the prerequisite feeling or state to be able to think of greener pastures abroad. Indeed, I would love to see a different environment, experience a diffirent culture, dwell in an entirely different world from where I am living right now, I just strongly believe that it is not yet my time to live in those dreams. TIME has served its purpose — to delay everything so we could consider a lot of things first before making a move. TIME.


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