Logic vs. Reason

Monday, November 15, 2010
I have watched The Matrix a long time ago. It did not occur to me that time that the movie centered on the programmed world of humanity while fueled by bioelectrical energy and body heat from pods of human beings. All I could remember about this movie were the popular matrix moves of waist bending to avoid bullets and slow motion actions of kicking the opponents. And as I watched it again some time last week, I have fully discerned that the trilogy was in fact, a genius movie! Especially that the main subject is related to my field, IT. And of course, they talked a lot of programming.

Further, I realized that it somehow resembled to what I have just learned these days about how everything in this universe imparts as a whole as determined by the great architect of the universe which is religiously likened to God. I even wondered in my previous post titled "Me On Paralleled-Many Worlds", how difficult it is for the universe's programmer part to make sure that every equation encountered is solved and thought about how many branch trees these programs have to decide to get desired results. Have you ever thought about it? That maybe every single breath we take is actually coded bits of ones and zeroes? (If you don't get it, pretend that I am speaking of metaphors here.)

Anyways, I was fascinated how the characters in this movie actually think like they're really humans. They have their subjective views rather than being objective. In which I first thought that they are mostly determined by logical operations than rational ones. Neo who was played by Keanu Reeves, is a good example of a programmed entity that is almost perfect representative of a human who feels emotions, who considers emotions as a mere module that stimulates the program to operate according to the flow of his emotions. It reminds me of my Future Technology subject during my last year in college, when we reached a certain point of discussion on how future machines could actually think like humans. Logic versus reason. And I thought that time, that is entirely impossible. But considering the boost of intellectual minds for the past years, I believe that it is possible for machines in the future to think like humans encoded with all the situations, all emotions, all choices, that even the most difficult woman who always changes clothes just for an occasion can be deliberately designed into a program. Maybe I can bet up to 99% of probability of that to happen when machines become humans. Emotions greatly contribute on how we think. So I think, if our emotions will be studied very well, then we become much predictable. But you know, the 1% counts for a doubt that a human mind can easily call back what he thinks about then he could act against it. No matter how obvious the result would be, it is still up to him to consider the other choice in his mind. But given all the factors that can influence a person to decide for a certain situation, I still favor the possibility. Besides, possibility considers success and failure.

If you have watched IRobot, there is a certain part of that movie that a robot has considered saving the older person from drowning rather than the main character's child daughter, based on the logic that this other person's probability to live is higher than the girl. It was logically right, but by reason especially influenced by emotion, anyone could have saved the girl first. Sadly, the girl died.

Everyday, we get to decide between choices in our lives. Perhaps, you mostly decide by reason but sometimes you have to decide by logic. Either ways, as long as we think whichever of it helps us arrive at our desired results then these ways to decide don't matter at all. But it certainly does matter when we'd invent hu-machines.


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