Informational Power

Friday, October 1, 2010
Internet is the widest information highway ever constructed. It holds a vast amount of information that it would take more than my lifetime and yours to figure out all the data stored in it. Technically, internet does not actually store data. It is a collection of computer networks connected to the worldwide network (in its simplest definition). And my first sentence likely fits to the definition. It is a complicated maze where information sharing is made possible. Internet provides paths to convey my data to you and vice-versa.

Well, this is a broad topic to just talk over outside the classroom and it would certainly require me another academe years to discuss it more profoundly to you. My point is, with internet (for whatever you may have understood internet before), it gives each of us a great power. You hold an enormous power to information. When you spend more time on online games, you better start realizing that being online is more than that of playing games, online dating and/or all unnecessary and most of times, wasteful internet hobbies. It is your time to search for every knowledge you want to acquire, to learn.

As an active blogger for 3 years or so, I have fully grasped the significance of internet and how helpful tool it is for learning. I learn and I share. Sharing information does not mean losing information, it is gaining more information. For sharing follows a similar concept as to that of a good karma. You share, you receive in return. Sharing fills a spatial learning and I am provided with a continuous knowledge in return.

When Facebook has become more than that of connecting to loved ones and friends, thoughts have been actively shared to Facebook friends, I realize that these thoughts eventually become information where you learn and absorb their thoughts and you finally find yourself sharing what you have in mind. Perfectly, information sharing has been always practiced in the internet and I would like to encourage everybody to slowly switch from being a passive receiver of information to an active sharer. Set up a blog! Share your thoughts, experiences, lessons or knowledge gained or everything you can talk about under the sun. There are blogging platforms that offer easy sign ups just as convenient as signing up for an email account.

And maybe, some of you may have second thoughts about time allotment or what, I tell you, I was lazier than you. I was not able to manage enough time just to post one-paragraph blog before. But in time, I discovered a hidden passion about something and I started writing about it on my blog and after a period of time, I became a real blogger who blogs every sort of any topics. I have written different stories, experiences, knowledge, embarassments, discouragements, disappointments, hopes, dreams and so on and so forth. And I have never been truly contented in my entire life until I exercised the pleasure of sharing every single, energizing thought on my mind that's worth sharing. I guess, I just discovered my purpose here on our universe and maybe you too, will find it out soon. Be a possessor of informational power.


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