Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol was really an eye-opener. I got to reevaluate myself whether I truly understand faith or I just assumed what was being taught to me since childhood. Indeed, this novel has provided me with spiritual and intellectual realizations about FAITH. I always believe in God, and my faith in God's even stronger now, for I have grasped the nature and importance of the WORD that has been written ages ago, better than what has literally understood by men and women for all these years.

I am not a religious person and I am not quite comfortable blogging about religion but stop right there, faith and religion are entirely different. I am Catholic. Catholic or not, I have FAITH. And I believe in True God.

The cores of these realizations helped me to be more optimistic and realistic. I started to believe in magic, apparently contrast to being realistic, I am not speaking of literal magic here but the magic brought about by forces that convert seemingly impossible things into possibilities. Well, have you heard phrases such as "mind over matter" or "what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve"?. In truth, I would envy people in the future if they'll be able to learn how to use the untapped potential of human mind because few only have understood its true power in the past even up to the present, and no one has still unleashed its extraordinary force. And I adore Rhonda Byrne for having been able to bravingly reveal to the world the greatest secret of all time by writing "The Secret" which was really a thought-provoking book.

So now, will I possess such power just before I become consciously living in an endless void? Certainly, it requires me an amount of preparations and deeper understanding. But I have lots of faith. And intentions.

Order from Chaos

"Know thyself." - Pythagoras

"Know ye not that ye are gods." - Hermes Trismegistus

Luke 17:20
"The kingdom of God is within you." - Jesus Christ


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