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Friday, October 22, 2010
My blog has undergone hundreds of layout revisions since its first plain template design. And I am proud to say that all these revisions were carefully done by me. Well, admittedly, I had a hard time to trace and replace some block codes of these templates just to perfectly design the blog layout the way I wanted it to be. Indeed, for years, my blog has evolved impressively from its first template's less stylish dark blue theme matched with childish font styles to innovative design and professional look it flaunts today.

I actually have googled all these codes so to add interactive features on my blog like chat box, page count, advertisements, customization on the way a post is summarized, and now, with increasing popularity among netizens, I've added Facebook's LIKE button on every post I blog. Changing my blog design usually requires me one sleepless night and mild addiction everyday for a week or so. Maybe because I could not instantly see the perfection of my blog design in one docket, and I always look for flaws. The indulgence only stops when I finally realize that I am already overdoing everything.

So when do I decide to change the layout by the way? I still have not figured out the right timing of wanting to change the blog layout overnight. Perhaps, when the perfect mood strikes. This present layout was inspired by some sites I have visited three nights ago which introduce lots of Javascript-enabled applications so I sorta liked them and that was it, I decided to feature them on my blog too. Voila, a short history for the modern sub-header I have above was finally scripted... :D

Revisions are eventually made out when I am indirectly suggested or obliged to do so. You see, two or more critics are always better than one, besides, I do not trust my concepts as great as my urge to perfect my blog. So suggestions and constructive critiques from friends and readers are highly necessitated.

And I guess, this current layout marks the nth version of Glayra. Always a beta version. So 'til next blog demolition renovation!




  • The Rice Creator

    ulaw man sad tah anih nth revision of blog nimo glay oi! Ma try ngang revise sad akong blog... buwahah! So you better watch out! ehehe!

  • :D amew ka ker! bantay ka ha! :p

  • Glayra

    nice man jud liwat sa owner! :D

  • SEO Service Provider Philippines Development Catalyst

    Yes.I like it Glayze.It looks professional.the visual is coll in the eyes.

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