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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
I am quite excited about the upcoming Facebook movie this October titled "The Social Network" with its interesting tag line, "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies". Evidently, the increasing number of Facebook members is indisputable! And it's undeniably, been a part of our daily routines already (for those like me who have an unlimited internet connection).

With expanding network everyday, I think we should be more careful about how to present our thoughts on Facebook. You know when you read one's post, it's entirely different from hearing him speak those words. When you read it, you absorb it. You think and read it again and you suddenly find yourself looking for faults on his thoughts or repeatedly, examining the sense out of his posts. And finally, you judge the person by the way he thinks.

I really love to read smart thoughts coming from my smart friends on FB. I really hate to read nonsense posts from unknowledgeable good FB friends. But I both enjoy these posts since I like to scrutinize a lot besides, my posts are not exceptions to my careful and witting observations since I indifferently inspect my posts too even the slightest detail that could have gotten the attention of my grammar-and-spelling-conscious friends.

And I am not perfect. We all have flaws. But maybe we should realize that being in a social network is like being in a community where people meet and know you. Some of your friends may have judged you by the way you pose in your pictures or by just the way you spell words. Accept it, some of us may have not recognized the importance of being morally and knowledgeably responsible for our thoughts posted on FB, and I am telling you, you should be.

Facebook is not just about getting in touch with friends and relatives, it is also about getting to know with each other better and learning more. I have added some people as friends on my FB though we're not really that good friends in real life but I have a reason for letting them join in my network because I believe that all of their thoughts are information. And with information, it means more knowledge.


  • rej

    hehehehe.. nkaremember nuon ko gly.. na ng.away sina te jazzel and **(nkalimot nko sa name sa guy)hehehe tungod lng ky gipuna ang grammar sa inenglish na post.. bwahaha

  • raphnexx

    "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies" I like this line so much from the film.

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