Thursday, September 16, 2010
So who's not on Facebook nowadays? I guess, everyone I knew since childhood except for Mama, has FB account already. Well, keep the irony aside, since if it's really everyone's on FB then I should be counting thousands of friends already but the figure still is 600+ which is not really bad...

Anyways, this "nouveau" social networking site is a very hawt subject and dayumm, I could not (let us say, figuratively...) live a day without logging in... And never get bored answering FB's do or die question, "What's on your mind?". And never get tired to answer silently, "Can I just keep it on my mind Facebook?"

I have got a lot of both known and unknown friends, in which I must say, they know me (should they know me first before asking for a friend request, right?). Some of them are really reserved type people in real life but you see, these people transform into bit more of gaffes that they really say aloud what on their minds are without second thinking first how their friends would react to the sudden awkwardness they present to their friends. That they indecisively post disturbing thoughts even, upload really nasty pictures that I say, okay... Here you go... I'm still a kid... Parental control please... :)) I know this one who I thought had some self-respect before and now that she's totally grown up, she's immaturely expressing how seksiiii she is but I do not think it's an appropriate behavior but well, she got to decide for herself... Hey! I am not insecure! :)) What I am trying to point out here is that, guard your thoughts, posting your LESS morally responsible thoughts on FB has the same impact as behaving badly in actual situation.

Well... Their lives... Their decisions... Besides, I get to decide for myself... Now, what I like about FB is that, it does surprise me most of the times that I actually have friends with mutual friends that I did not know that these friends of them are friends of mine too... Yes... And that is how everyone is networked! And I just could not imagine how to diagram how we are connected but alright! Everyone's connected! And I lurrvvv it!

See how amazing technology is! It presents real life situations, decoded them to bits of ones and zeroes and your life is as amazing as the genius of tech. You do realize that you know this person that I know too and we are connected and now, with the advent of tech, we are connecTECHed!


  • karen

    yeahh..this is technolgy..

    and as we all know, there is always the other side..i'm talking about disadvantages..

    one of these is WE HAVE LESS GENUINE COMMUNICATION..the result: naa ta pero murag wla..:D

    and of my realizations these last few days,it seemed that my personal life is not private anymore because of FB..

    I should practice "guard your thoughts", as you call it..i'm so hooked up with FB that i posted everything about me on my wall and it left nothing for me to keep SECRET/PRIVATE..:(

    but i can't live without FB neither..:))

    maybe i just have to set some limit..

  • Glayra

    very well said vu...

    Well, people must be reminded about how they should consider FB more like of a venue where different people get to know more about you by reading your thoughts... :))

  • karen

    exactly Glai..

    for some, it's their way of expressing themselves, being able to say things they can't really tell in actual..

    i have realized the disadvantage of letting FB know everything about me when i started to use it for my own purpose..:))

    i'm following someone and for me to be able to get infos and updates from him/her, i just checked his/her profile and gottchaa..!!

    and now i'm thinking what if someone is doing the same thing to me!!(feeler..haha)..well it's possible..maybe not now but in the days to come..and worse is, what if they'll use it for bad purposes..

    we should all be carefull:)

  • Glayra

    tama jud vu...

    We should take full responsibility for our actions so at the end of the day we'll be blaming no one but ourselves for the wrongful ignorance we acted...

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