The Best/Worst Lookouts On Facebook!

Saturday, August 7, 2010
I have just read one of the most interesting articles published in Manila Bulletin Tech101 on their recent July 28th issue. I can't keep myself from being so interested and smiling the whole time I was reading it because well, what was the article all about? The title's "Someone to watch over me Parents on Facebook". And no one in the world could much relate to it but ME! I am indeed one of those people who had big contemplations about the possibility of receiving friend requests from my parents! Would I confirm or ignore? And I was just exactly wondering about it months ago when I searched my parents on Facebook and found out that my Papa had actually created an account. And it might well take time for him to figure out our accounts (mine and my sister's), but we have already decided what to do if he would ever send us a request!

What was I thinking? Why were the youngsters like me terrified about having our parents on Facebook? Well, for one obvious reason, we can never shout out our real thoughts ever again like posting something about our hangouts, meeting with our crushes, and the list of things-that-we-can-never-shout-to-the-world-anymore goes on and on! It is like being in a disco party but you cannot be more of in a party mode having your parents behind watching your every move. Well, it is the closest feeling for most members of the newly created organization calling for "Keep Parents Off On Facebook Movement", but for us, me and Yan-Yan, we certainly do feel much lesser than that by the way.

So what we did? We sent our Papa first with our friend requests! We did the other way around! What were we afraid of anyway? Facebook is a perfect way to connect people, so maybe, the essence's more considerable applying it with my parents. That is being smart and not guilty! Right? Who knows, it is not just us who are going to be monitored actually! It could work vice-versa, we are going to watch over our parents! That is the nicer and unexpected news! Isn't that logical?

My FB network is expanding and I sometimes worry about the upshots for befriending everybody I know since childhood, and I really fear that my privacy might be later brushed off that it would awe me a lot but okay, befriending my parents is not an issue at all, alright!

Read, Relate and Smile... Someone to watch over me Parents on Facebook

Oh by the way, we've sent Papa our friend requests like two months ago and guess what, we're still awaiting for confirmation up to now!!! Pa what is going on huh?! :D


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