Working With People Of Different Personalities

Saturday, July 31, 2010
Working with them is sometimes really hard. I remember that a year ago, I was assigned to a task that required cooperation among my officemates and there was this newly hired employee that really tested my patience and understanding that it came to the point that I could not really get his guts. He was really lazy and he did not care enough about his work and he was not helping me at all that I had to be reprimanded by the great boss for the unsuccessful teamwork.

My father and I talked about it and he said that in a workplace, we get to meet different people and so, I needed to be more flexible unto approaching these different personalities. It is one way of surviving from your job and the environment.

Well, it has been a year and yes, I am less taut in working with these people outside my dependability standards. But this time, the unfortunate feeling of meeting-a-new-type-of-personality returns.

I have been working with this new employee for months, I thought who can give me a relief so I could focus more on the major assignments. Gladly, the employee's a help to some of the minor clerical works but the dependability is very low. I mean, I cannot entirely rely on this person. I needed someone whom I can trust with even if I am on a rest day and/or holiday yet, everything's under control. But no. Each day I am back to work, the tasks that this person should have carried out the day I'm off is either unfinished or worse, not even performed. Which really made me less than mad but not happy either. I am not happy having an assitant who cannot do much better than he/she is expected. Not even leveling to the criterion.

I guess, my previous coworker was lucky enough to have me, taking over her place because I know, I can do what it takes to contribute to the company as a whole. Well, it would take me perhaps, years, to change this employee's perspective and attitude toward his/her work and I just do not know where and how to start.


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