A Short Story of Security and Risk

Sunday, July 11, 2010
What do you know about security? I do know better than you do but it's not enough to compare with people who know best of security. What security am I talking here by the way? Home security, personal security? I mean of data security. When data leak, these definitely become information to somebody else. Data are just raw if these are not going to be information to anybody.

I can secure data as much as I can secure that no one will know about my gender disorientation and I am kidding. I know about security because I know about threat.

I believe that the best person who can secure data is the person who knows best of threat. Just like how can you defend yourself if you do not know who and what are you defending yourself from? One should anticipate how great the damage would be so to build a very tough wall around the thing you are protecting. And so my point is, a great defender must be great on breaching too.

Who should you trust then? If a person knows both security and risk, would it pose a threat to you that the one you trust about security can also create risk? However, on my part, I know three things, security, threat and conscience. The knowledge of these three is my edge over you.


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