Goodbye Informaxona, Hello Glayra!

Thursday, July 22, 2010
And my blog has never been this cool... Sadly, the moment I freshened up my blog with its newest look, it was also a sound farewell to the name I have valued for the last five years, Informaxona, edge of informational power.

However, naming my blog with my real name, is acquiring more informational power, besting Heroes' extraordinary powers. It is more like bringing forth force from within. I am going to share more of my thoughts, express my ideas and write more of my experiences. My blog is and will be all about thinking a lot.

Yes, thinking about thinking a lot, and this blog would be my intermediate to resonate through space and time what has been on my mind. For five years, Informaxona's legend will continue. The limitless power is beyond words can express, it is within our minds.


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